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Waterproof Vibrator Sextoys

The waterproof vibrator is capable of vibration in or out of water. These sex toys were once fairly expensive, but now you can find many decent quality waterproof sex toys for under $10.

The bathtub or shower are the perfect environment for using a vibrator. You have privacy, and access to warm, sensual water, that can add to the pleasure of the experience.

Waterproof vibrator sex toys for the bath and shower.

The vibrator above is a waterproof model, coated with silicone rubber material. Silicone is often touted as the best material for sex toys and vibrators, due to a lack of offensive rubbery odor, and being non-porous and very hygienic nature.

Below is a waterproof palm sized hand held vibrator for use while it's in the bathtub. The vibrator is encased in soft and smooth jelly rubber with stimulating jelly nubs. Vibrations are strong (although not super powerful) over the surface of the sex toy, though some areas are more tingly than others.

Waterproof Tub Massager

What we liked about this vibrator is that it's somewhat disguised, it doesn't have that typical vibrator shape.

Another great thing about this waterproof massager is that it can work nicely on aches and pains while you enjoy your bath. The rubbery nibs feel nice on a sore knee, elbow or hip.

The waterproof egg vibe pictured below is very similar to a vibrating bullet, but with a larger vibrating part that's egg shaped.

Waterproof egg vibrator.

Egg vibrators are larger in diameter than a bullet, as they are made for both external AND semi-internal use. The egg is most effective when rubbed on the exterior of the vulva and the clitoris, and this kind of non-penetrating stimulation is perfect in a warm bathtub.

The job of keeping this kind of waterproof sex toy clean is a simple one, since you can just wash the whole thing off with mild soap and warm water, then rinse well and dry.

You can check out this wikipedia page for more waterproof vibrator info.

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