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Vibrating Lingerie and Wearable Strap-on Vibrators

Wearable vibrators and vibrating panties both allow the woman wearing them to experience vibration hands free. With a normal vibrator or vibrating bullet, at least one hand is usually needed to hold the sex toy close to the clitoris, for maximum stimulation. With a wearable vibrator the hands are left free to pursue other activities with a partner, or another sex toy.

Vibrating panties make it easy to take the experience wherever you want, even outside of the home! Because this kind of special lingerie has a small pocket over the vagina to hold a micro vibrator unit, you can discreetly wear the panties under your clothes, and out in public places.

Imagine all the fun you can have with a pair of vibrating panties and a night on the town. No wires or fuss, just a small vibrator near the clitoris (where it counts) and your imagination.

Womens' thong style vibrating panties.

Despite this unit and some others saying "wireless" on the package, the unit above can't be controlled wirelessly, or with a wire.You just put in the batteries and twist on the knob, like with many larger vibrators. You then put the vibrator in it's little pouch, and pull the panties on.

You won't be able to stop the vibrating until you have an opportunity to use a private location like a washroom, or until the batteries die out. The watch batteries usually last longer than you'd think, between 30 min tues and an hour usually. Dollar store replacements usually work OK when batteries do wear out.

Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties

Next is a cool pair of remote control vibrating panties that can be controlled with a wireless unit from the other side of a room! The wild looking panties below are just one example, there are now quite a few styles available with the wireless feature.

Wireless Vibrating Thong Panties

Picture it, you and your lover are in a restaurant, a mall, on the high street downtown, and zzzzZZZZ - your panties start vibrating ! This kind of panties have a little pocket in the vagina area that contains the mini vibrator unit like the ones above, but with these there is also a wireless remote control. The panties can be turned on and controlled using the discreet handheld wireless remote, usually with a range of a few feet to 20 feet, depending on the location.

Remote control vibrating briefs for women.
Stretch Lace Vibrating Briefs w/ Remote

Being in public with these remote controlled vibrating panties and not knowing when they will start humming is a thrill, but you could of course use these in a situation where the panty wearing woman has the controls. You could sit down at the cafe of your choice, reach into you purse and flick the switch on the remote, instantly sending waves of vibrating pleasure through your body, with nobody the wiser.

Care: Just remove the vibrating bullet pack and wash the panties in a cold wash for on the delicate cycle of your washing machine. Find some more info on vibrating panties from wikipedia.

Wearable Strap-on Vibrators

Use of the term strap-on vibrator invokes images of lesbians, but this model is a wearable vibrator that's made for solo use. It uses a simple elastic harness system that's worn around the hips/legs, and a small jelly butterfly connected to the straps which contains the vibrator. These work to place the vibrator over the vagina and clitoris area.

strap on vibrator

These wearable vibrators like the Butterfly Vibrator pictured above have different shapes and features, but most share a strap-on harness system that's designed to hold the vibrator next to the clitoris and vagina, while the hands are left free for other things (like a nipple vibrator).

The controls for this version are attached to the vibrator with a wire, wireless versions are available for a few extra dollars.

This kind of sex toy is also available in a wireless butterfly vibrator that can be worn as well.

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