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Vibrating bullets and micro vibrators

There are a few good reasons for sex toy designs with a small bullet that contains the vibrating mechanism in a tiny capsule. The main reason is that these motors are usually hidden inside a vibrator, where they work fine, but some of the vibration is absorbed by the surrounding material.

A bullet vibe is a sex toy reduced to it's essence, the vibrating unit, user controls and a wire connecting the two. While minimalist in nature, bullets can provide an intense sensation, owing to the lack of a thick rubbery coating to insulate the clitoris from vibration. They can be from 1.5 inches long, to around 3 inches for the largest, and about .75" wide.

Vibrating sex toys like these are made for stimulating the clitoris and exterior of the vagina, with an extra strong vibration. This is because with no jelly or rubber in the way to dampen or soften the 'edge' of the vibration, you get 100% of what of the power of the oscillations transmitted through the thin housing.

Mostly these bullets are made to be used around exterior of the vagina, the clitoris, and anus. Simply hold the vibe where you want it for full effect. They aren't madefor internal use, but you can insert them in to the vagina a little bit. It's a good idea not to put the bullet in too far though, you'll have to pull on the cord to retrieve it, and that can be hard on the wire after awhile.

Sex toys like the models pictured here give you the intense sensation associated with this type of compact vibrator, while providing the added bonus of being tub and shower safe, and super easy to clean -control pack and all.

Waterproof bullet vibrator

You are really just seeing the working part of a vibrator exposed, without the phallic shaft that's used for penetration of the vagina to cover it up. These bullets are often used in different sex toys as a component, such as in a vibrating cock ring or realistic vagina. Often these rubbery sex toys have a small slit or compartment that the vibrator is fit into, and where it can be removed from for cleaning.

You can often use an aftermarket bullet vibrator to breathe new life into an older sex toy with a dead vibrator unit, perfect for expensive sex toys for men with removable units. Just try to match the size of the old vibe, so the new one will fit in it's place.

To clean the regular type, some care has to be taken, but you can usually unplug the vibrating bullet and wash it separately from the controls, keeping the plug out of the water. The vibrating control packs are almost never waterproof with these toys, but you shouldn't need to wash it anyway.

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