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Sybian vibrator machines that women can ride!

You've seen them on the net, a woman in ecstasy riding a sybian machine with a moving vibrator deep inside her. A sybian device generates powerful orgasms while the woman straddles it, and the machine moves in and out of her, simulating sex in a way no vibrator can come close to. The woman rides on top, with the appearance of straddling a small leathery stool with a moving, vibrating dildo built in.

Sybian machines simulate the best position for most women to achieve orgasm, riding on top of a male, with her weight able to bear down on the penis. The powerful motion and vibration are powered by plugging the machine into your wall electrical socket. Sybian's have motors inside that move the dildo back and forth (or up and down) several inches, the length of the "stroke" will depend on the machine.

Sybian vibrator orgasm device

You can add different lengths and sizes of to most sybian machine systems. This is important, because you need a personalized ride to be comfortable. You don't want a dildo that's too long attached to the machine, poking at you mechanically - that wouldn't be fun!

On some sybian's, you can also get a rotating motion in addition to the vibrating feature.

These machines are often well made, and the expensive price of a sybian device reflects that. A sybian machine is one of the most expensive sex toys made, with most models costing upwards of several hundred dollars. This, combined with their large size, makes them a sex toy for only a certain few who feel the need to ride.

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