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I saw Sue Johanson giving a talk about sex in my high-school gymnasium here in Canada. As a sex educator she used to have a radio show when I was younger, then she moved on to Canadian TV, then an American version of her frank talking sex show. Mrs. Johanson now designs a line of ergonomically superior sex toys for California Exotic as well.

Most of Sue's sex toys have a curvaceous and flowing design with soft rounded edges, almost all of the vibrators are waterproof and coated with a good quality silicone material.

Silicone makes for a more toxin free and hygienic kind of rubber that is soft yet durable, and easy to keep clean. It's not porous like some other rubbers and jellies used in sex toy manufacturing, so it doesn't retain moisture and bacteria as much as other adult toy materials. Silicone contains no phthalates.

At this time there aren't any Sue Johanson sex toys for men (well, the Butler butt plug for some men I guess). I bet she has some great ideas that she could bring to the men's adult toy market though.

The Royal Rascal vibrator by Sue Johanson and California Exotics sex toys fulfils the need for a smaller rabbit vibrator ergonomically suited to smaller women.

Like most of the Sue Johanson sex toys, the Royal Rascal vibrator is covered in high quality silicone, and it's waterproof for fun in the shower and easy cleaning. The controls allow for independent control of vibration and rotation of the shaft. You can also reverse the direction of rotation for this vibrator.

royal rascal rabbit vibrator

The Royal Rascal vibrator:
Designed by Sue Johanson and California Exotics sex toys

The rascal comes in a petite form factor that puts the clitoris stimulator (found on most rabbit vibrators) 4 inches down the shaft. Usually the clitoral stimulating "rabbit" is more like 6 or 7 inches down the shaft, a bit far for some small women to insert.

In the past you would have to insert this kind of sex toy further than some women can handle in order to enjoy the clitoris stimulator, but not with the Royal Rascal!

  • Soft, pliable and hygienic silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Rotates, with reversible direction
  • Smaller than most rabbit sex toys

This is the only small rabbit vibrator I'm aware of, so if you are petite and looking for such a thing, I'd highly recommend it. It's a good price for a silicone covered rotating vibrator of any size, being waterproof is a nice bonus on top of the other features.

To clean the vibrator, simply wash in soapy warm water, rinse really well and dry before storing it until you use it again. We recommend washing a sex toy before you use it again also.

The Sue Johanson Royal WIzard is one of a new family of sex toys brought to you by the well known Canadian sexpert and sex talk show host.

The Royal Wizard vibrator is waterproof and covered with soft silicone material. It has a pliable soft tip with a unique rounded shape. The head of this silicone vibrator rotates, and you can reverse the direction of rotation if you wish, with controls that are separate to manage the rate of vibration.

silicone rotating vibrator


Package Description:

  • Silicone - soft pliable and hygienic
  • Waterproof
  • EZ load battery case
  • Independent rotation and vibration controls
  • Design by Sue Johanson of "Talk Sex with Sue" fame.
  • Made By California Exotics

The vibrator is waterproof and features a clitoris stimulating appendage with soft silicone feelers to add to your enjoyment. It's designed with the pleasure of the vagina in mind, the contours are natural and comfortable.

Being waterproof makes this rotating vibrator is easy to care for. Just wash it with some warm soapy water and rinse it off well. Dry your sex toy well and store in a clean place until next time.

With the royal wave silicone vibrator you have several of the features found on most of the Sue Johanson toy line, in an cheap, no nonsense design.

The vibrator is waterproof and covered in a nice soft silicone material that's more hygienic than most other sex toy materials, and has a powerful motor.

the Royal Wave vibrator

Photo: This vibrator has a fairly standard 7 inch length and 1.5 inch thickness, but it's the shape of the soft, rounded silicone head that's most unique.

The 'wave' is a bulbous double curve at the end of the vibrator that works well for reaching the g-spot (Graffenberg spot) inside a woman's vagina.

  • Silicone, Soft, Pliable, Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Designed by Sue Johanson & made by California Exotics.

The Royal Wave silicone vibrator can touch you in ways that no straight shafted vibrator could, and provides top quality sex toy features at an affordable price point.

Since the vibrator is waterproof it's easy to clean. Just wash it in some warm water with soap, then rinse the sex toy well and dry off.

The Royal Gauntlet is a variation on the vibrating glove, or glove vibrator, and is brought to you courtesy of Sue Johanson and California Exotics sex toys. This sex toy acquired a degree of fame by appearing on 'The Tonight Show' with Jay Leno, and it's one of the more unique vibrators in the Johanson line.

The gauntlet incorporates a small micro vibrator in the tip of a single blue silicone 'finger' that is worn on the hand. The comfortable and stretchy silicone glove gives you amazing control as you stimulate manually, and allows you to target specific erogenous zones with waves of pleasure coming from the 7 function vibrator. Wherever you touch with vibrating finger-tip will come alive with pleasing sexual sensation.

Vibrating Finger Sex Toy

Package Description:

The 7 function Hypersonic vibrator is programmed to vibrate in patterns that change and pulsate, instead of a steady Hummmmmmmm.This leads to a less predictable kind of stimulation that's more pleasing.

  • Soft, Pliable
  • Silicone
  • 7 function vibrator
  • Remote control works @ 15'

Made By California Exotics

The remote control for the glove vibrator has a range of 15', so you can experiment with different ways to enjoy Royal Gauntlet.

Batteries are included with this sex toy, and the vibrator can be removed for easy cleaning. Make sure the silicone sex toy is dry before you put it away. You may wish to wash the vibrator before you use it again.

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