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Solar sex toys, interesting, but practical?

Yep, you heard right, a vibrator that uses a small solar panel to get it's power from the sun! Want to use a vibrator, but you don't want to keep buying batteries for your sex toy? Maybe you just like the Pagan idea of using the energy of the sun to give yourself pleasure? The solar vibrator is the sex toy for you. You can leave it near a window to charge during the day, then it's ready for you at night.

This vibrator has a folding solar panel that doubles as a carrying case for the small bullet vibrator attachments. The solar charged batteries take awhile to get to full capacity, but they hold the charge fairly well. As with all rechargeable batteries, mileage may vary. When the current fades, so does the fun.

Solar powered vibrating sex toy kit.

Place the solar panel where it gets exposure to the sun, or to a bright light, and you will start gathering energy in the storage batteries. Give it at least 4-8 hours of decent light before using.

The solar vibrator has 3 different attachments, designed for stimulating the vagina in any number of ways. There's a bullet, and a couple of soft heads for it that can stimulate the vagina in a number of ways. You should be able to plug any corded vibrating bullet into the solar pack.

For another alternative power source sex toy, you should also look into this USB vibrator

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