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Portable and compact mini vibrators

Just like with all kinds of technology, there's always reasons to have a miniature version.

Smaller, compact vibrators, often known as "pocket rockets" have the same kind of working parts as a normal vibe, but without the large penetrating shaft that's needed for vaginal penetration. It's just a battey and a vibrating motor in a small, discreet package, no larger than it needs to be to hold those simple components.

These small vibes can easily be stashed in a purse or handbag, or even a pocket (though you'd want to keep them in a clean bag or container, so they don't get linty and gross). powerful for their miniature size. A mini vibe is also great for women who aren't interested in a simulated penis for a sex toy, or who feel their husband or boyfriend might be threatened by a bigger vibrator, or uncomfortable with one that looks too realistic.

These miniature vibrating sex toys can be surprisingly powerful, considering they are discreet and relatively quiet. This is largely due to the fact that their is minimal material to interfere with the vibration. With a normal vibe, the vibration often has to make it's way through a vibration absorbing rubber material, somewhat defeating the purpose! With these, the vibrating motor is almost exposed.

There are several designs of pocket rockets and pocket missile type stimulators available these days, including the original single battery, single speed style (pictured below) and several improved models with additional features.

This kind of small vibrator is primarily used externally, for stimulating the external vaginal areas, primarily the clitoris and labia. Several types of mini vibrators available have add-on massage attachments for the vibrator. These are usually just soft, nubbly rubber covers for the vibrating head, to dampen or soften the vibration a bit.

The original mini pocket rockets vibrators were single speed, on/off models, but now there are 3 speed rockets, and more powerful multispeed rockets that use 2 batteries instead of 1 - increasing the size somewhat as a tradeoff.

The latest introduction to this category are high tech ones with a control pack attached. The controller allows the vibrator to pulse and vibrate in patterns and rythyms, just like a high tech model.

The control on these models is attached with a wire, and if you choose, you can unplug the rocket from the wire, put the battery inside it, and use it without the control unit.

You can also find waterproof versions of the mini pocket vibrator, which makes them super easy to wash and take care of, speaking of which...

Caring for it ...

Because they are so diminutive in size, it might be tempting to just throw one of these in your drawer, handbag or purse, but you know better than that right?

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