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Silicone coated vibrators

For comfort, hygiene and overall quality, this material continues to be the best used in sex toys today. Silicone is a non-porous rubber like material that's chemically more inert and compatible with the body than some of the cheaper jelly and latex rubbers.

Silicone has been used for medical and household applications for a number of years. Some people associate the silicone used in vibrators and sex toys with the sort that caused problems in breast implants, but they are really not the same.

Jelly rubber is known to emit some phthalates, a chemical which some people are concerned is unhealthy. Some scientists argue that phthalates are only harmful in larger doses, and that the relatively minimal exposure from using sex toys is not enough to be concerned about. Regardless, some people like to minimize their exposure if they can, and other people have chemical sensitivity disorders which makes avoiding phthalates more important.

Galan vibrator by Fun Factory

With this silicone vibrator the Fun Factory has shown that there's room for vibrators with appealing design. The sleek modern lines on the Galan vibrator mate well with it's luxurious silicone material.

Silicone can be molded into all the fantastic shapes that a regular plastic or rubber vibrator can be, and thanks to the soft nature of the material, there's no need to worry about sharp edges left from the sex toy factory.

An often overlooked feature of silicone material is it's ability to retain warmth. This works with absorbed body heat, or hot water from the tap. The silicone will retain heat much longer than it's jelly counterpart.

Because it's non-porous, the silicone vibrator is less likely to absorb bodily fluids or water from cleaning into places it shouldn't. With some vibrators, you have layers of different material, like jelly rubber on top of plastic. Because jelly is somewhat porous, it's possible to end up with moisture between the jelly and plastic layers, which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Because the silicone won't absorb liquids, it's going to be that much cleaner. This is one reason why it's used in kitchen applications. They even make silicone muffin pans for baking in ovens at hundreds of degrees, because it's so tough!


Like with most sex toys, a water based lubrication is recommended. Do not use silicone lube with silicone sex toys. The use of a silicone lubrication will cause the material in a silicone toy to degrade and break down prematurely. Petroleum based lubes are also not recommended with silicone.

Washing is easy, just use soap and the hottest water you can run the vibrator under. Rinse well and store in a good location where it will be clean and away from dust.

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