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Wireless remote control sex toys

The purpose of a remote control vibrator sex toy is to be able to stimulate the vagina without needing to hold a vibrator in place. With wireless remote controls, you can can hold the controller, or give it to your love partner and affect the vibrator without wires to tangle you up. The remote control is usually small and discreet.

Range will vary depending on the vibrator and factors in your local environment. Most models work to 12 feet or 30 feet away.

There are remote control sex toys made for external stimulation, and designs made for internal use. External models are those like wearable vibrators or vibrating panties. Internal vibrators of this kind are usually egg shaped and sized, so that they are large enough to be held in place inside the vagina.

The remote control Butterfly Vibrator pictured below is designed for specific external stimulation of the vagina and clitoris, and it's quite comfortable. The butterfly itself is soft and squishy jelly, and the straps adjust to fit most women's hips comfortably. The small vibrator is placed just over the clitoris area, where you the powerful yet quiet vibration is most effective.

Wireless externatl remote vibrator

This wearable remote vibrator sex toy can be worn during lovemaking in most positions if you adapt to it. The wings of the butterfly help with positioning the body of the wireless vibrator over the clitoris, so it's also quite nice for solo masturbation use by a single woman.

Be careful cleaning this sex toy, make sure you don't get the vibrator module wet - it's usually removable. Dry the vibrator sex toy and keep it in a clean dry place until your next session.

Wireless egg vibrators for internal use

This design uses a remote control wireless vibrator in the shape of an egg that's meant to be inserted in the vagina. This is excellent, because you can use the remote to control the vibrator without anybody knowing.

A fun and popular way to use these remote control vibrators is to hand the controls over to your love partner, and let them surprise you. The vibrator can be kept in the vagina while you are wearing panties and your 'regular' clothes, so you are free to walk around in public without people knowing you have something inside, like ben wa balls.

The two models pictured below are not only wireless and waterproof, but also bring programmed vibration patterns to the table. That means instead of just vibrating in a flat "buzzzz" (they can do that too), these are able to change vibrations ina cycle - like "buzzzzhummmmbuzzzzhummmm".

Waterproof remote control vibrators

With a range of about 12 feet, and a 7 function control to dial in the most stimulating level of sensation, you can have a lot of fun with the waterproof 7 function vibrator above.

It has a fairly quiet motor, so it's unlikely the sound will be noticed, plus being used internally cuts down on the sound that it does make. The wireless remote control is small and discreet, and easily fits in the hand.

The wireless egg should be inserted into the vagina with the 'tail' hanging down for easy removal, somewhat like a tampon. To remove an egg vibrator, simply pull gently on the tail.

Wireless and waterproof!

A variation combining the waterproof vibrator and remote control egg vibrator, some might say this is a perfect all around sex toy. It's compact, quiet, wireless and discreet - plus you can wash it easily. The only downside is that it's a bit of a pain to replace the batteries in the egg.

This little waterproof sex toy below has a cute pink remote with a lanyard to keep it handy. It's your super versatile vibrating companion in bed or the bathtub, with 10 functions of vibrating action.

Waterproof remote egg sex toy.

You get about 12 feet of range with this particular model of wireless remote control vibrator, usually more than enough for most applications.

The antenna / tail of these remote control vibrators makes them easy to remove when you are done playing.

To wash, just use some warm soapy water and rinse well before putting sex toys away dry.

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