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Detailed Realistic Vibrators

There's a lot of realistic vibrator designs with the shape and coloration, or in some cases just the shape, of a real penis. With motors contained inside, these realistic vibrating penises are able to offer thrills that most men are not able to naturally, in a familiar package.

The example of a realistic vibrator you see pictured, has accurately colored veins and head, and for all intents and purposes, looks real. The vibrator in the photo also has a suction cup base, a feature of many, but not all realistic vibrators.

Life-like vibrator made with realistic material.

Lots of realistic sex toys are made with advanced Futurotic and UR3, for simulation of skin texture, and this is available in these sex toys, as well as less expensive rubbers and jellies.

Just like their cousins the life like dildos, a number of adult celebrities have donated the detailed casting of their penis for the manufacture of some of these realistic vibrating penises.

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