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Rotating rabbit mechanical vibrators

A multifunction rotating rabbit sex toy can penetrate and vibrate like a normal vibrator, but they also have rotating and / or moving parts. These are versatile, deluxe vibrators that can do several jobs at once, to help women derive maximum pleasure from a device that can be used with one hand.

A rabbit can be vibrating while inserted in the vagina like a normal vibrator, while also twirling around and rotating, and stimulating the clitoris on the outside. This stimulator is where this type of vibrator derives it's name. The original rabbit vibrator had a small rubber rabbit with soft rubber ears to do the work of massaging the clitoris. Since then, the original rabbit has been updated, and hundreds of similar vibrators based on it's design have been introduced, but many share these main features.

Some of these are better quality than others of course, and this is reflected in the wide range of features available, and in retail prices.

Some cheaper sex toys have a clitoris stimulating 'nub' on the shaft of the vibrator, but no moving parts other than the vibrator motor itself.

For the purpose of this page, we are discussing better quality rotating rabbit vibrators with actual moving, mechanical parts. This can include the rabbit on the shaft, and in some cases ball bearings that rotate around the shaft of the vibrator in a spiral motion.

Decadent rotating vibrator

These sex toys usually use at least 4 AA batteries to power the extra motorized feature s.. They often have the rotating beaded part in the shaft, a clitoris stimulator that's sometimes able to move or vibrate, and the standard vibrating motor feature. In addition to all that stuff going on, many of these sex toys will also have the fancy, deluxe vibrator that's controlled by a programmed chip. These can change the pitch and frequency of the vibration to create pulsating rhythms!

Most rabbits have a vibration control pack for this feature in the base of the shaft, like the impulse dancing teddy model pictured here. This means that instead of only vibrating at a faster or slower rate, most rabbit vibrators has a programmed circuit that can go through much more complicated patterns of vibration. Check out the wikipedia selection of rabbit vibe pictures, nice and up close.

It's sometimes possible with these rabbit vibrators to control the speed of the rotation and clitoris stimulating parts as well.

Most vibrators are either inserted for penetration, or rubbed on the clitoris for stimulation - with a rabbit sex toy you get both at once, and for that reason they are very popular. Many women have found these to be a reliable way to have an orgasm.

The part that rotates on some models is inserted into the vagina for penetration. There are often some large ball bearings moving around a spiral in a circular motion, enclosed in a thin, flexible skin so that they can be felt as they rotate around the shaft.

You can just leave it in the vagina this way, instead of penetrating in and out. By keeping the rotating shaft in the vagina, the stimulator is in contact with the clit. More on using a rabbit vibrator at Mypleasure.

The vaginal stimulator on the outside of the shaft also rotates or wiggles on some designs. You can also rotate the 'rabbit' part so that it stimulates the anus instead of the clitoris area.

Impulse rabbit vibrators.

A 'thumb' with soft rabbit ears or ticklers, this moves around and vibrates against the clitoris, a shaft that has rotating beads, and a vibrator inside.

Apparently the rabbit is the sex toy of choice for the girls from HBO's Sex in the City, some even call rabbits the 'Sex in the City vibrator".

This rotating anal vibrator is a combination of a butt plug and a rotating vibrator. You have the typical shape of a butt plug, with a narrow tip for easy penetration and a flared out base so that it doesn't go too deep. This particular sex toy adds a number of little beads enclosed in the shaft, which rotate around when you activate the controls.

rotating anal dildo

Tips: Make sure you have some experience with anal play and other 'normal' butt plugs before using one of these because of the movement.

Care: Because these are slightly more complicated in shape compared to a normal vibrator, you have to be careful when cleaning a rabbit. There are more nooks and crannies to clean on rabbit vibrators, so use a warm and soapy (but not soaking wet) wash cloth, and make sure you don't immerse the control pack near the base.

You can learn more about rotating vibrators from Mypleasure. Of course Babeland has some info on wild rabbit vibe taming in their guide

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