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Hard metal vibrator adult toys aren't probably as common as ones made with jelly or other rubbers. A vibe with a metal skin is a great way to get lots of bang for your buck, because the metal itself works really well at getting the vibration inside the vibrator to the outside (and your body).

There are several kinds of designs that have a full length metal shaft, and others that just have a metal cap over the tip of the vibrator. Several of the full length models have ridges around the vibrator, and a couple have a realistic shaped head, but the majority are smooth.

You can find metal vibes in silver, gold and several bright colors. Of course the ones in gold and silver are just colored that way, they aren't actually made of precious metals.

Usually these vibrators have a traditional control knob on the bottom, at the time of this writing, we aren't aware of metal shafted vibrators with high tech controls.

For the same reason, these can be louder than plastic or rubber vibrators.

Be on the lookout for cheaper plastic vibrators with a shaft that merely seems to be made of metal. The fake metallic coating on the plastic can become flaky and come off, posing hygiene issues and just making a mess. If you already have a metallic coated plastic vibrator, you might use a condom over it to avoid problems.

Gold metallic vibe

Most of these vibes have a fairly durable surface as far as oxidization and tarnishing of the metal are concerned. It's still a good idea to take extra care to dry it properly, and store it somewhere dry (as we recommend with all sex toys).

Use: Perfect for internal or external vaginal / anal stimulation. Simply turn the vibrator on and use it as you would any other.

Clean: These are fairly easy to clean, since they are often straight and smooth, with less nooks and crannies to get into. Just make sure you don't submerge the cap where you put the batteries. Use warm water and soap, rinse and dry, then store in a clean place.

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