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Large Vibes - There's a Monster in My Drawers

There are some vibrators so big and thick that you can barely get your hands around them. If you are one of those people who craves not just length, but huge girth, then you need a large vibrator like the Kong sex toy pictured below.

Sex toys of this size are not for the faint of heart. A Large Vibrator of this large size is only useful to you if your vagina or anus can accept it. Work with some caution if you are using a suction cup base version, and squatting on it, you don't want to loose your balance and force something this large into your vagina. You only want to use this kind of big vibrator if it fits, don't ever force anything.

large vibrator with pubes

It's natural that a larger size vibrator will have less of the vibration frequency passing through the rubber or jelly, since it's a thicker layer of material.

Treat a large sex toy like this one as if it were anal, and use lots and lots of lubricant.

Of course cleaning is the same as a regular sized vibrator or dildo, just wash with warm soapy water while trying to protect the electric bits from getting wet. After rinsing the vibrator well, dry it and put it in a dry place.

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