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Jelly rubber coated vibrators

Very popular these days, jelly vibrators have a soft and squishy rubber coating. The vibrator can have a stiff plastic shaft inside, with jelly on the outside, or have a design that's totally bendable, flexible and pliable.

Some jelly materials used in vibrators contain a chemical known as phthalates, which are supposed to be fairly safe in sex toy use, unless perhaps you use your vibrator in 8 hour shifts every day. Silicone vibrators are a great alternative if you still don't trust jelly, but they are a bit more expensive.

One nice thing about jelly is that it's always smooth and comfortable on the skin. There is no risk of sharp plastic bits to scratch you, and the material is fairly durable.

A jelly vibrator is only as good as the actual material used in it's construction, including the internal components, which vary widely. Generally, you get what you pay for with these sex toys. If you purchase a vibrator with some cool features, like a pulsating high tech motor, or a decent rabbit vibe, and you didn't buy the cheapest you could find, you should also be getting a decent jelly material.

Some cheap jellies have a strong rubber smell, some don't, but generally more expensive jelly sex toys have less of this odor. Across all price ranges, some manufacturers add a scent ingredient during the manufacturing process. The scents used are usually some kind of fruit, like grape, cherry or strawberry, and the sweet smells often mask the smell of the rubber quite well.

As with phthalates, if the idea of a rubber smell bothers you, there's always silicone vibrators (although they can sometimes have a mild odor too).

Vibrating jelly dildo sex toy.

Use: Perfect for internal or external stimulation. Just turn the vibrator on and have fun.

Clean: Jelly sex toys are simple to keep clean, just use some soap and warm water, dry well, and store somewhere clean and dry. Make sure you don't completely submerge your vibrator unless it's a waterproof model. Jelly is a bit sticky, so it picks up some dust and lint in between uses. Just give the vibrator a quick rinse in warm water before you use it again.

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