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High Tech Vibes with Programmed Chips

Do you have a high tech sex toy, or the kind with an old-school knob on the bottom? Most high-tech vibrators have sensitive buttons, like a TV remote control, that operate a versatile electric motor and with a 'brain' that has vibration patterns programmed into it.

It's impossible to see in this pic, and sort of hard to describe, but vibrators with high tech motors have an ability to 'pulse' or ' ramp' the vibrations. This isn't so much an ability of the motor, as it is the programming on the circuit board. So, instead of bzzzzzzzzzzz, these vibrators go bbbbBBBBBZZZZzzz, in a cycle, all by themselves, make sense?

programmed vibrator

Impulse's line of high tech toys use sophisticated circuits to control patterns of vibration and pulsation.

This type of programmed vibrator is not to be confused with rabbit vibrators, which can have the same pulsating rhythms preprogrammed into a circuit board, but also have additional moving parts or rotating shafts.

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