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G-Spot vibes hit the Grafenberg spot ...

Men and women can both benefit from knowing the location of the g-spot, or Grafenberg spot.

Dr. Grafenberg studied and publicized the location of an area inside the woman's vagina that can help to trigger a powerful orgasm. This was a fantastic thing, as many women who had been unable to achieve any orgasm at all were turned on to this secret spot that could literally change their lives.

The gspot is towards the front or belly of a woman, inside the vagina around 2 inches deep. If you feel about 2 inches inside the vagina, and hook your finger so that it points toward the pubic area or lower belly, you should be in the area. Stimulating the Grafenberg spot works well by gently, yet firmly rubbing the area, and pressing on it gently. This works best in tandem with simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris.

A g-spot vibrator is made to easily reach up an inside to the Grafenberg spot, and apply vibrating stimulation to it directly. Not only does the vibrator itself feel great, but for some women, it's easier to reach the spot with a vibrator, requiring less contortion.

G-spot vibrator

This is a nice g-spot vibrator for 3 reasons. The hypersonic g vibrator is made of siligel, a silicone based material that doesn't have the rubbery smell of some sex toy materials. Siligel is their branded name for scented silicone.

The combination of a good shape for g-spot access, and a motor with programmed pulsating vibrations can bring on powerful orgasms quickly, even without clitoral stimulation.

There's a page about g-spot vibes on wikipedia with some more info on these sex toys.

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