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Hitachi Plug-in Electric Vibrator Massager

The Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator has been around for almost 30 years, making this venerable vibrator one of the most recognizable sex toys, seen in movies and on TV. The Magic Wand by Hitachi was originally designed for relieving pressure in sore and aching muscles, but it quickly found use in self pleasure applications.

The appeal of a powerful vibrator with a cord is that the power supply is constant, so you have no batteries to wear out and disappoint you.

The high powered nature of the Hitachi electric vibrators makes them suitable for use around the body and exterior of the vagina and clitoris.

You should not insert this type of vibrator internally, as you could potentially get a shock. You DO NOT want to use one of these internally or near a tub, shower or water, because it's plugged into your main household electrical outlets. Use around the vagina or body is OK.

You also have to be careful when you clean an electric vibrator, you don't want water getting inside or around the cord. Follow manufacturers instructions.

electric vibrator
Hitachi Magic Wand Electric Vibrator

One of the classic electric massagers, the Hitachi magic wand vibrator has a large, soft-yet-firm ball on the end of a shaft.

This is a multi-purpose vibrator suited to massaging sore shoulders, arms, legs, and backs as it is to softly pummeling a vagina into orgasm. The Hitachi motor can work for long periods of time with no fade or drain due to batteries wearing out, but you are limited to using it in a place near a wall socket.

The powerful vibrator motor in this sex toy has made it famous, and the orgasms it can give have been called "fantastic" and "intense" (what orgasm isn't). A Hitachi wand wiki entry has more about the magic wand's powers.

For many women, less than a minute or two of holding this vibrator on the exterior of the vagina, moving it around the labia and clitoris, is all it takes to trigger a massive, orgasm. Many women find this vibrator is best for giving multiple orgasms.

To wash this kind of vibrator, follow the instructions included. You can't get the motor or cord anywhere near water, as doing so may result in shock, or electrocution .

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