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Cheap and affordable vibrators

"You get what you pay for." It's a good rule of thumb for consumers, but a cheap vibrator doesn't have to mean it's a bad one. Some are perfectly decent and quite usable, and can save you a bundle over more full featured, fancy models like high end rabbit vibes, or vibes make with silicone.

There are many affordable vibrators out there, some are better than others, and some models should be avoided altogether.

Some vibrators look like they were designed in the 1960's, from the packaging to the vibrator itself, and should be avoided. That's a good rule for cheap adult toys, if it looks like the package was made in the 60's, or it was in the 'gags and jokes' section of a store specializes in tobacco products, then best to save it for a gag item.

You can find some modern, decently manufactured and fairly reliable cheap vibrator sex toys for under $10, like the 7inch waterproof vibrators pictured below.

Cheap vibes under $20

That represents a pretty good value for a sex toy that's easy to clean and take care of. At one time only more expensive vibrators were designed to be waterproof, now there are quite a few in the lower price ranges.


Because you can get a decent vibrator for under $10, why not get a few and have a selection to choose from depending on your mood, and whatever strikes your fancy? For under fifty bucks you could put together an assortment of vibrators, in different sizes, shapes and textures. If one stops working for some reason, you still have your backup vibrators to keep the party going.

As usual, the level or frequency of vibrations, the size, shape and material are all variables to consider. There's a cheap vibrator that uses 'C' batteries and packs quite a kick, or a more textured model with veins.

Most vibrators under $20 will have the classic "knob on the bottom" controls. You unscrew the cap off the bottom, put the batteries inside their compartment, and twist the cap back on. One part of the cap is threaded for holding batteries inside the vibrator, and the other part is knob that controls turning the vibrator on and off, and the speed of vibration.

Like with any vibrator, the faster you set the vibrations, the faster your batteries will wear out.

Like with anything in life, cheap does not always mean longer lasting, so one should keep that in mind. The motor in a cheap vibe might not last as long as a higher quality sex toy. That said, a more expensive vibrator might be DOA, or break the first night you use it, you never know with electronics. Personally, I've had a cheap blue jelly vibrator that's lasted about 4 years (update: 6 years!) and it's still going strong.

Whether you prefer vibrators with a hard, straight plastic shaft, or the curvy flexible jelly type, you should be able to find some good deals in your price range in any sex toy shop, online or in the brick and mortar retail sex stores.

Fit and Finish, Quality Issues

Things to keep in mind are the quality and finish of the material. Some cheap sex toys are made of a hard, solid plastic, and while that can be great, you want to make sure that there is no mold flashing on the sex toy. Mold flashing is sharp bits of plastic along the line of where the sex toy was molded. The shaft of the vibrator should be smooth to the touch, and if there is sharp plastic, it should be removed.

Bits of flashing should come off with the fingers, or a hard, straight edge. A bit of sandpaper or emory board should finish the job. Make sure you rinse any plastic dust off of the vibrator after sanding.


Washing is another area where cheaper sex toys get to shine. While you should still follow standard vibrator washing procedure, and try to keep water away from the controls and battery compartment, it's not the end of the world if a bit of water does get in and cause problems, because your investment was minimal.

Compare this to the problem you have if you've accidentally dunked your $120 rabbit vibrator!

Even better, there are now quite a few waterproof vibrators available for reasonable prices, and they are super easy to keep clean without worries (as well as being safe for use in the tub or shower).

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