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Flexible Vibrators that Bend

The vibrator pictured is a bendable waterproof jelly coated sex toy, with a flexible portion in the shaft that allows you to bend it to the shape you want.

This works well because you can have a 'normal' straight vibrator, or bend it into a curved shape much like a g-spot sex toy when you want that kind of tactile sensation.

For extra sensation the soft jelly shaft of the sex toy is nicely ribbed.

Waterproof bendable vibrator.

When you apply some sideways pressure during use, you can feel the vibrator flex to conform in a pleasing curve, which really accentuates the ribbed feeling.

This flexible shafted vibrating wand works to bend in ways even regular bendable ones can't. The long and slim shaft works to get the vibrating head to areas that a normal vibrator can't easily reach. With most vibrators the motor is located near the base, so the vibration isn't as strong internally.

Flexible wand vibrators.

This iVibe wand flexible vibe design puts the vibrator on the end of the sex toy, where it can reach deeper inside than most, with a flexible shaft that bends easily.

Like other iVibes, these flex bile wand vibrators come in a variety of colors, and have a few different functions of vibration action programmed into a small circuit board.

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