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Vibrating anal climax beads

Warning!! Some powerful orgasms may occur with these vibrating anal bead sex toys. The obvious way to improve on the classic string of climax beads was to add a vibrator component, making the perfect combination anal toy.

The material the beaded segment is made of vary from plastics to firm traditional rubber, and softer jelly rubbers found in many regular vibrators and anal vibrators. Some designs are quite flexible and ergonomic because of the gaps between beads acting like joints, making the beads more comfortable for some individuals compared to a stiff anal toy. This is because the rectal cavity is not always a straight run, but rather curved.

The anal toy in question is based on the regular beads, which have been around for ages.

The clearly defined balls are not technically beads, but rather round nodules or bubbles on a slim shaft that's made to be inserted into the anus. By connecting the beads this way, the vibrations can be transmitted up and down the length of the highly textured anal sex toy.

These make a great way to stimulate the prostate gland area of the rectum, which is reported to be good for male health in respect to colorectal cancers.

Vibrating butt beads

When choosing a set of vibrating beads, cheaper isn't always better. You want smooth beads, decent quality construction (trust your instinct) and half decent materials.

Tips: As with any kind of anal penetration, the use of caution, and some anal lube, is highly recommended with ass beads. Persons messing about with their bums should always be gentle with any kind of vibrating sex toy, finger or penis going in there. You only have one ass!

Care: Like all sex toys, anal beads must be cleaned after each use. Use warm, soapy water or some sex toy cleaner, but make sure you keep the electronic parts from getting wet, then dry them well. Wash the beads before you use them again just like with any other sex toy or butt plug, it removes dust, lint and warms things up.

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