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Butt plugs, anal sex toys you leave in

The simple butt plug is an oft misunderstood sex toy, in fact, the term "butt plug"' is even used as an insulting or teasing name for another person!

These anal plugs are designed to be inserted just far enough for pleasure, and many designs of plug allow you to leave the sex toy inserted. A tapered shape with a narrower part just below the wide flare, and then another wide part to stop the plug from going too far up the butt are features common to most of these anal sex toys.

The design allows you to leave the plug in once it's been inserted far enough, with just a bit protruding from the anus that you can use to grab on to when removing the plug from the rectum.

Plug diagram showing different parts.

With the object inserted into the anus, it's possible to enjoy intercourse in your favorite positions and feel the extra added sensation of a consistent anal penetration.

These sex toys are popular among couples who enjoy full on anal sex, as the butt plug can be used to relax the anus muscles prior to penetration with a penis.

Butt plugs come in many diameters, but most are just a few inches long, as they don't need to be too long to do their job properly.

It's best for anal newbies to start with a small plug, it will be more comfortable, and give you an easy staring point.

"Does using a butt plug make me a pervert?" No! Men and women alike can enjoy anal play, it's not just for gay men and the sexually adventurous, but something anyone can enjoy. The reason for this is that we all have bundles of sensitive nerves in the rectal area capable of feeling pleasure, when stimulated correctly.


An important step that can't be overlooked is the use of a good anal lubricant. Apply lube to the anus, and to the butt plug itself. Once you've done this a couple of times, you should have a good idea of how much lube is needed to do the job.

You may want to gently insert a finger into the anus, to get some lube inside, and to start to help the muscles relaxing. You should be able to tell if you are ready for the plug yet, if you don't think you are, try gently using a small finger until you've "unclenched" enough. Use more lube if necessary.

It's a good idea to start out slow, and not be too forceful when proceeding to insert the plug. The tip can be used to gently stimulate the anus before trying to push it in a little. After the tip feels comfortable, you can start to work past that, where the plug gets wider an larger.

Large plugs

An oversized butt plug like one of these is for people who know they can handle them, often for the purpose of anal stretching or sphincter stretching. With the larger diameter of a butt plug this size, it's possible to hurt yourself if you aren't using some care.

These are big anal butt-plugs - not to be trifled with. Make sure you coat the butt plug liberally with anal lubricant.

Large butt plugs scare me!
large plugs in beige and black

Ergonomic shapes

The job of an ergonomic plug is to stay inserted in the rectum at a comfortable depth, while curving gently to conform to the shape of the rectal cavity. The base of most plugs is tapered and flared out to stop them from going in too far. Most butt plugs, small or large usually have a tapered pyramid or cone shape with a rounded tip for easy insertion.

The ergonomic plug designs have an oddly curved and bent shape that fits the contours of the rectal cavity more closely. This means these ergonomic anal plugs can be more comfortable when inserted and left in during masturbation or intercourse, compared to a traditional plug.

Ergonomic plugs conform to the curve of the rectal cavity.

Vibrating anal plugs

A natural function to add to these sex toys is vibration.

A vibrating plug is no different than a normal one, except that they have a vibrator motor inside them, and in most cases the controls are on a cord.

By placing the controller on a wire like this, you or your partner can control the vibrator function easily once the plug has been inserted in the butt.

Just be careful not to dunk the controller or the vibrating parts when you clean your sex toy. If the wire or controls need cleaning, just a bit o

Vibrating butt plugs offer an extra thrill.

Caring For Your New Butt-Plug:

To wash your butt plug, simply lather it up with some soap and warm water, then rinse really well. Make sure you dry the plug and keep it somewhere clean until you use it again. It's not a bad idea to wash butt plugs again before you use them, even if they appear clean.


As ever, you can find out more about butt plugs from wikipedia.

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