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Slender anal vibrators, easier penetration

The Juli Ashton anal vibrator has a narrower shaft for comfortable penetration of the sphincter, and can expand your sexual horizons. For masturbation use alone or with your bedroom partner, these slender vibrators can bring your anal orgasm to a new level.

Anal-vibrators usually have a slimmer, narrow shaft, like Juli Ashton's vibe pictured below.

Normal vibrators are designed with the vagina in mind, and the vaginal muscles have more 'give' than rectal muscles. You should always make caution the rule when using any vibrator or dildo for anal penetration, so go slow and use lots of lubricant.

Slim n Slender Anal Vibrator

Some vibrators for anal use are made using a gentle and soft jelly that gives a smoother, more flexible feeling when inserted in the bum, others are slim, but stiff and firm.

A well designed anal sex toy is slender, and has the vibrator part located nicely near the slender tip. Although it gets a bit thicker near the base, it's not at all thick and flared like an anal plug. Soft pink jelly rubber adds that cute Juli touch.

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