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Probes, the hard to categorize anal toys ...

The term anal probe makes a lot of people think of aliens probing Cartman on an episode of South Park, or some kind of creepy Alien abduction film, but it's also a catch-all term used to describe anal dildos.

Either gender can enjoy this style of sex toys designed for comfortable rectal penetration.

It's even become acceptable for straight men to enjoy a 'backdoor boyfriend' anal experience with a girlfriend. There are large numbers of sensitive nerves to pleasure in the anal area, but you have to be careful, and use some lube.

A catalog page lists dozens ofsex toys that could be considered anal probes in many shapes, sizes and materials. Cyberskin, jelly, rubber and even metal or glass anal dildos can be had. Any decent rectum specific sex toy should be tapered to a small point at one end, to allow for easy backdoor anal insertion.

Anal probes

The area near the base is often a bit larger, for a more 'filled' anal experience, and the base flared like the bubble shafted probe pictured above. The wider flared base of a good anal dildo, vibrator or butt plug prevents it from going in too far. Most sex toys designed with the colon in mind are shorter in length than a vaginal dildo. Some probes have a shaft that's a certain diameter for the entire length of the shaft.

Regardless of the style or material, you should use a healthy dose of lube for any anal play activities, like an anal dildo or vibrator.

If you want a real medical, theraputic, bona-fide rectal probe, look no further than the Delwa Star heated anal probe, a Swiss "thermoputic device". This warm probe is cleared by the FDA and used by some chiropractors to treat hemorrhoids and prostate issues! It comes with a 2 or 5 inch probe that's hooked up to a box that controls the temperature. What will they think of next?

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