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Personal anal lubrication for fun and safety

Anal penetration should only be attempted with a proper lubrication. This is necessary and important because the anus/rectum does not self lubricate as does the vagina. Use of lubrication for anal play and anal sex reduces friction and helps to prevent injury.

It's easy to find several types of lubricant for anal sex, each designed to provide a smooth, low friction contact for both partners. Generally, anal sex lubes have a thicker viscosity, and are made to last longer without absorbing.

anal lubricant bottles

It's always advisable to use some kind of anal lube regardless of whether the object for insertion is narrow, like a pinky finger or slim anal vibe, or larger like a plug. Not only will it be easier and more pleasant, a good anal lube will provide a margin of protection from friction related discomfort and injury.

For anal sex purposes, apply some lube to the fingers, then rub it around the appropriate area, have your partner put some lube on their penis too. Optionally you can have your partner apply lubrication directly to the anal area.

IMPORTANT: A good lubricant is not a substitute for common sense. If you are attempting any kind of anal object insertion, be very careful not to cause damage to sensitive rectal tissues. You can cause extreme harm to very important parts of your body.

It's up to the individual to decide what is too big, we recommend however that you stay well within your comfort zone and use lots of lube for your protection and added anal pleasure.

Visit this page @ babeland for more info on lube in general. You can also take a look at what wikipedia has to say about lubrication, they go into great detail with regard to ingredients.

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