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Enjoying climax beads and anal beads

Fun and simple anal beads are inserted and removed to create a unique sensation. Whether it's going in the anus or popping out, the beads feel excellent for men and women alike.

With the old school 'classic' beads, you have plastic, acrylic or jelly beads on a string with a pull-ring on the end. The ring part on the end is so that you don't loose the last bead. The string is sometimes coated with a rubbery bacterial to seal the fibers and keep bacteria out.

For reasons of pleasure and hygiene, we recommend the more modern 'graduated' type of climax beads like the Shane's world anal beginner beads (the purple ones below). These are made of a soft and flexible jelly, and instead of string, the beads are connected by a common shaft.

There are less places for bacteria to hide on these anal beads, making them more hygienic. They start small at the tip, getting larger toward the end, which takes the guesswork out of choosing the right sized anal bead set for you. Just insert them as deep as you feel comfortable with.

Graduated bum beads are also available with a vibrating feature.


shanes anal beads

This kind of graduated anal bead is much easier to insert and move around than those on a string, but lacks the 'pop' feeling somewhat. However, you can insert/remove faster...

With graduated beads, you can just push on the whole sex toy to insert the beads.

On a String

classic anal climax beads

Classic anal climax beads feel great coming out because of the extreme difference in diameter between the bead and the string.

The string means you will have to take your time inserting them with a finger, one by one. They are a little harder to clean too.

The old school variety of beads where arranged on a string can still work pretty good, but you need to watch out for the hard plastic beads. These might still have some sharp bits of 'flashing' left from the mold they were made in, and these sharp edges can cause cuts and scrapes in the anus that would become infected. If you feel any sharp flashing on your beads, simply remove it with some sandpaper, a file or some emory board. Rinse well to remove plastic dust left over.

If you prefer the feel of anal beads on a string, look for one of the sets that has rubber coated string. It's smoother, doesn't absorb lubricant or bodily fluids as easy, and it makes the sex toy easier to clean too. Like most of the different stringed beads, you should be able to find the ones with coated string in a variety of sizes. Beginners should start with a small set of beads if they aren't sure.

Also, if you use beads on string, make sure you inspect the string itself to make sure it's not coming apart, it's important that it be in good condition from one end to the other.

The last thing you want is for this string to break while you are using your sex toy, as this could potentially leave you in the embarrassing predicament of having the beads lodged in your anus with no easy way to get them out.

Not surprisingly, Babeland sex toys have an useful guide on using anal beads as well, that points out similar hazards.

Tips: To use your anal bead sex toys, gently push each of the beads into the 'area' one-by-one. If you feel discomfort before reaching the last of the beads, you should stop. Like with any anal sex toys, you should use some kind of anal lubricant with your climax beads. At the very least use some saliva as a lube.

You can leave the beads inserted during intercourse or masturbation, then pull them out slowly and repeat as desired.

Cleaning: You need to clean your ass beads in a solution of warm, soapy water to clean them properly. Anything that goes near your bottom could pose a hygiene issue, so make sure you clean and inspect them thoroughly.

After you've washed your beads, rinse them well, dry them and put the beads somewhere clean until next time.

You can find more on anal beads at wikipedia. Good vibes has a few tips on plastic beads too, including the bit we covered here about removing plastic bits.

The people over at have a blurb on climax beads that goes over some basics, and suggests you stick with graduated beads, and avoid stringed versions for the same reasons we cite here.

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