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Modern technology brings us the life-like vagina, a replica of the female genitalia and a great masturbation tool for men. The technology that these sex toys use keeps getting better all the time, with more high tech vibrators and better realistic materials. They keep pace with the realistic vibrator sex toys for women.

Realistic Vagina Sex Toy


Here's a few vaginas in the missionary and doggy style positions.

This kind of vagina is more solid and larger than a portable pussy, and most of them are made with realistic materials and colors. Some of the more lifelike materials are futurotic, cyberskin and UR3 which stands for Ultra Realistic v3.0, all of which are used in some dildos too. You won't find these life like sex toys made of jelly or silicone.

Lots of guys will prefer a very detailed solid vibrating vagina molded from a woman compared to a more compact masturbator. Life like vaginas can be bought that are anatomically correct on the exterior, with the most popular molded from the genitals of any one of a dozen female porn stars, like Tera Patrick and Jenna Jameson.

At this time (winter 2006) there are at least two dozen porn star vaginas in the stores. You have your choice of shapes, sizes, labia, pubic hair, ethnic skin coloration, materials and more.

Several Types Available

There are dozens of this type of vibrating vagina for men, it would be difficult to describe them all. Some realistic vaginas simulate the pussy of an adult film star, have multiple small vibrators, and are molded from their actual body. Missionary and doggy style vagina versions are available (as pictured).

A more basic kind of realistic vagina (usually smaller or constructed with less life-like material) is sometimes called a pussy pocket, and they can be more affordable than the more detailed and bulky vaginas. Some detailed pocket pussy models could also be considered realistic, but the overall size factor is still generally smaller.

Most models of these simulated vaginas with realistic detail include some of the buttocks and the thighs around the genital area.

One feature that isn't as life like in these simulators, is that they include a vibrating bullet and remote control unit, which can be removed for cleaning. But that's a good thing, since it's there to add to the pleasure factor.

Use: Normal use of vagina sex toys involves in and out penetrating motion, and it's easier with some lubricant. To simulate a more real sensation, just lube up the vagina, and insert your penis without the vibrating bullet being turned on. The vulva itself is where you penetrate realistic rubber vaginas, that or the tighter anus on some models.

Realistic Vagina Cleaning: For hygienic reasons it's extremely important to clean your vagina after each use, with warm water and soap. If it's possible to remove the vibrating parts, you should do that also. Make sure the vagina sex toy is able to dry properly where you store it, using a clean drying towel can help.

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