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You can be assured that there is no personal information about you, the visitor that we collect, use or gather in any way. We do not share any kind of information with any entity, company or organization whatsoever.

Statistics gathered about the number of visitors to our site per day, where they came from and what browser / operating system they were running are the kind of vague information gathered by server software on all web sites. We look at information like this to determine the health of the site, but that's about it.

Any articles, art or questions submitted are encouraged to use an alias or go incognito/anonymous. Again, any information, like your email address, that's obtained when you contact us won't be shared or used in any way at all. You won't be getting spam or mailing list junk as a result of contacting us.

It's actually surprising it took this much typing to say that we don't collect, gather or distribute information about our site visitors in any way, but I just wanted to be clear - have a nice day.

(hey - that rhymed!)

If you have any questions or concerns about this (it's pretty much all there in the paragraphs above) - just email us at the address you see below.


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