Enjoying Pocket Pussies

Available with or without vibration, pocket pussies are a way to improve the pleasure of masturbation by inexpensively simulating a vagina. With many models on the market, these fake pussy sex toys are the most popular masturbators for men, ahead of cock rings and penis pumps by a long shot (pun intended).

Several varieties of men's pocket pussy masturbators can be found with vibration or without vibrating features.

One of these sex toys with the vibrating feature costs a bit more than a plain rubber sleeve, but it is generally worth it for the added sensation.

The "pocket" in pocket pussy refers to the size and portability of the item, but they are mostly too large for any thing but a cargo pocket, and who wants to carry it around in their pants anyway? (Wait, forget I asked that...).

realistic style vibrating pussy.


Generally these sex toys are as small as a vagina simulator can be, with not much more material than what's needed for penetration. (click here for an example) Large sex toys with more mass and volume for added realism are available too, but they are more expensive, and harder to conceal (whether that matters is up to you).

Sometimes people go to the trouble of learning how to make a homemade pocket pussy or masturbator instead of buying a manufactured pussy, but the homemade pockets are often messy, smelly and not so pleasant to use. You get what you pay for, and if you spend a few bucks and buy a pussy sex toy made with rubber or latex, over time you'll find it's less hassle than repeatedly making homemade pocket pussies.


The basic senso pocket gal masturbation sleeve, a simple and compact fake pussy toy.

Usually these sex toys will work best when lubricated with a commercial sex lube, or failing that, some spit.

You penetrate the pocket as if it were a woman's vagina, compared to just using a hand it offers a unique sensation.

Pussy Materials

A compact, portable synthetic pussy might be made from a greater variety of materials than a large, solid realistic vagina, which is usually only made with UR3, cyberskin or futurotic.

Fake pussy sex toys can be made from realistic materials, as well as from more basic stuff like senso jelly, regular jelly, firm rubber, or even silicone.

The best models have a design made to feel good, instead of just looking like a vagina on the outside. Manufacturers achieve this using methods like ribbing the inside surface of the sex toy, or making designs with little flexible nubs throughout the inside.

Tips: Just lubricate the pocket pussy and do what comes naturally!

Care: Wash with some really warm water, soap and repeat until squeaky clean, then dry and keep in a dry place.

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