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Ejaculating, squirting dildos that shoot liquid

One of the more oddball dildos is the squirting, or ejaculating dildo. This toy offers the unique ability to ejaculate, fulfilling a need in certain fantasies to have a squirt of liquid coming from a penis.

A squeeze bottle is a reservoir for simulated semen in that shoots out of the ejaculating, squirting dildo, which is shaped like a penis. The squeeze bottle has a tube that runs up the inside of the dildo, and emerges from the urethra. Unlike a real penis, the resevoir for the ejaculate is not located in the scrotum, although the model pictured is equiped with one.

Some versions are very detailed and lifelike in coloration, like the one pictured below, others just have an squirting mechanism in a more plain dildo shape.

To load the sex toy with the fluid that will be used to simulate ejaculate, it's best to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Generally it will involve mixing your liquid in a small bowl and using the pump resevoir to "inhale" or ingest the ejaculate.

Dildo sex toy squirts liquid.

Other than avoiding getting tangled up in the tubing, and accidentaly causing premature ejaculation, you use this sex toy the same as you would any other dildo or dong.

Lubricate the dildo the same way you would any other, and masturbate with it, squirting simulated ejaculate liquid from the end of the dildo when you wish.

Semen recipes

So far the best recipe for simulated semen fluid is a bit of plain white yogurt diluted with some warm water. This is less likely to cause a yeast infection than many of the other sugar based recipes.

Make sure you clean a dildo like this very, very well with warm water and soap, especially make sure to clean out any fake cum that might be in the reservoir. Before you use this dildo again, smell it to make sure it doesn't have a smell of bad dairy left over from the simulated ejaculate.

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