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Size counts, dildos big and small ...

Sex toys are one class of product that never fails to deliver in terms of variety. You've always got a wide range of styles, colors, materials and perhaps most importantly to some, different sizes. There are likely hundreds of different sizes of dildos on the market, but only a portion of these fall into the very large or very small category. The majority of dildos are an average of 5-7 inches in length, and roughly 1.5 to 2 inches in girth

Little dildos for the petite

There's a genuine need for smaller dildos on the market, and it thankfully seems to be covered quite a bit better now than it was a few years ago, when small dildos were harder to come by (no pun intended).

Women of small stature, the very petite, and even little people may have a smaller, tighter vaginal orifice, that may not be able to easily accept a normal sized dildo or vibrator. There are also physical conditions of the vagina or pelvis that can make a longer sex toy uncomfortable, or a dong with more girth painful.

Small dildo

Some dildos are small in length and have less girth, while others have a normal girth, and are just shorter than usual.

Taking it up a notch, size large ...

Some women crave a large dildo that can simulate the penetration of a massive penis. These dildos can be well over 12 inches in length, and much thicker than a "normal" sex toy, or penis.

If you are buying your giant dong from a local sex shop, you'll have no problem getting a feel for it's size. Being able to see a large one first-hand helps in giving you an idea of what you are in for, you may change your mind on the spot and choose a normal sized sex toy.

It's often hard to tell the size of these dildos when ordering sex toys online, you may be surprised to find something the size of your arm arriving in the mail if you aren't careful. It pays to double check the dimensions, and think twice before you buy.

Large dildos

t might be a good idea to grab a ruler or tape measure to compare the dimensions reported by the store with something you can see in front of you. Your eyes might be able to handle a larger object than your vagina :)

Ideally, you have experienced a range of dildos that increase in size and know you are ready for a big one.

Be careful to use proper amounts of lubricant with any dildos of this extreme size. Not all women can take advantage of the full length of a dildo this large, but most can use the extra girth of the dildo with some practice.

Clean it ...

Cleaning these is the same as with any normal size dildo or sex toy. Just use soap and warm water, rinse well, dry and put away in a dust free place.

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