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The Soft Jelly Dildo

A one of the more common dong sex toys is the jelly dildo. These are usually soft, flexible, fun and fairly affordable (if not downright cheap). These dildos vary in shape, size, color, level of detail and scent. Yes, scent.

Jelly dildos like the one below can have a fairly nasty rubbery odor unless scented ingredients are added. There is some discussion that cheaper jelly sex toys may emit unpleasant chemicals, not all jellies are created equal however, and some are fine. If you think that you'd rather be safe than sorry, stick to silicone dildos.

Jelly dong

The jelly material itself is very smooth, flexible and yet firm more so than spongy. It's kind of like a solidified gelatin or medical shock absorbing gel.

It's common to find this type of dildo shaped like a penis, or with fancy knobs and ridges, or in a simple straight shafted dong. Double dildos up to 17 inches long can be found as well, they leave a good portion of the dildo to use for a grip if you use one solo.

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