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Expanding inflatable dildos

This kind of expanding inflatable dildo has a pneumatic squeeze pump to increase it's size as it's inflated. Where many a phallic sex toy relies on vibration. this kind of dildo is fairly unique in using expansion for pleasure instead.

Squeezing on the bulb inflates a chamber inside the dildo with air. This causes the dildos to grow in both 'girth' (the distance around the penis) and length.

inflatable dildo with pump

The possibilities for this type of inflatable dildo are endless, I'd suggest adding a vibrating cockring around the balls, for that little added tingle in the clitoris. How you choose to stick this to a surface is up to you.

There's nothing to say you can't use one of these inflatable's anally as well, just be careful, and make sure you use lubricant. It's probably not the right dildo for an anal beginner, but an inflatable emperor could work well for an experienced person at sticking things up their butt.

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