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Glass and acrylic dildos

A solid glass dildo is just about as rigid and stiff as a penetration sex toy can be. The advantages of a glass dildo are that it's unyielding and hard, smooth, and has great thermal retention (it stays warm once heated).

Some dildos and sex toys are actually made of a kind of glass or pyrex safety glass like the kind used in lab equipment and some cook wear and measuring cups. Others dildos might look just like glass, but the material is really just hard, clear acrylic, a type of dense plastic. A hard, clear acrylic dildo in some ways more durable, and ultimately safer than a true glass dildo, but lacks the same characteristics.

You still have to be careful with an acrylic dildo, and make sure it doesn't get chipped, gouged or scratched. Scratches can cause scrapes and abrasions in sensitive vaginal tissues, as well as providing a hiding place for bacteria to cling to.

Non-Porous Glass and Acrylic for Better Hygiene

The smooth hard surface of a glass or acrylic dildo is non-porous, so it won't absorb or retain any bodily fluids, water from cleaning or lubricants. This makes it one of the most hygienic sex toy materials, along with silicone. You lubricant will last longer because the material isn't soaking it up, and the task of cleaning is simpler as well.

glass dildo with spirals

The Jill Kelly 'Spiral G' has a textured e-glass shaft meant to stimulate the g-spot.

beaded glass dildo sex toy

The LightWave e-glass sex toy has a boldly textured shaft with large spheres, and LED light effects.

A mass produced dildo made with e-glass represents a great value when compared with some of the more exotic handmade glass sex toys. There are a number of glass art craftsmen and craftswomen who hand fashion sex toys out of glass, but these can be extremely expensive, many cost more than $100, and some over $200! While these sex toys are works of art, they can be fragile too.

Aside from colder metal or stone, nothing is as smooth as a hard acrylic or glass dildo, with it's firm and unyielding qualities.

Fun Heated Dildo Tips

A dildo made of glass or an acrylic dildo can be great for retaining heat. It's a good idea to rinse dildo in some warm water before you use it anyway, to remove dust or lint from storing it. With a glass sextoy, try running it under warm water for a minute before you use it, to get a warm dildo that stays warm for a few minutes. Make sure you don't heat it up too much though, some tap water is hot enough to really hurt the vagina (or anus).

Find a warm temperature you are comfortable with by experimenting, and try it on the sensitive skin of your inner wrist to see if the dildo is too hot.

Care: This material is fairly easy to take care of, but you have to inspect these little guys for nicks, scratches and other things that could create a sharp edge. The glass is fairly tough, but you should still treat it with care.

If you do find a crack or a chip missing, you should discontinue further use of the e-glass sex toy.

These adult sex toys get along very well with lubricant, as they don't absorb any liquids whatsoever.

To wash, just soap it up and rinse it off. Dry the e-glass with a clean towel and store your sex toy until next time.

Curved solid dildo

The Boi Toyz 'Thruster' dildo has a curve for prostate stimulation.

If you'd like a sex toy that's not rubbery, flexible or squishy, take a look at these often overlooked rigid dildos. These sex toys are becoming more popular all the time as the price comes down and the availability goes up, there's even a site that caters to all glass dildos.

As ever, if you want some general info, you could do some dildo research at wikipedia. Ann Andriani has a couple of glass dildo reviews here and here.

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