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Long Double Dildos

It's generally assumed that a double ended dildo is a lesbian sex toy, as these versatile and long dildos are designed to be used by two women at once. This provides a unique opportunity for a shared intimacy through simultaneous vaginal penetration that's popular with lesbians for obvious reasons.

The connection the dildo creates between 2 vaginas allows each woman to feel the movement and thrusts of the other, while still being made of a flexible enough material that it's hard to be 'rough' with each other.

The double ender can be used by two women in a wide variety of positions, as it's designed to do- and these long dongs can also be used solo, by a woman who wants to use the extra length, for penetration or just a larger area to grip.

Double dildo sex toys for lesbians

The model pictured here is an AC/DC grape scented dildo, with a slightly smaller head on one end of the dildo, and veins on the long, flexible shaft. The grape scent is nice if you are enjoying oral sex with the dildo in the vagina, as it does a good job of masking any weird rubbery smells from the sex toy.

Because of the slightly smaller end on a double dildo of this kind, they are used by some women as a double penetration dildo, which penetrates the vagina and anus of a woman simultaneously. It's still a fairly large dildo for anal penetration though, you'd be best not to try it unless you are comfortable and experienced with anal penetration.

How to Use a Dildo Built for 2

When in use for lesbian lovemaking by two women, an end is inserted into each woman's vagina. To facilitate this, use of lubricant may be necessary, depending on the mood ;-)

One woman carefully inserts her end of the dildo first, then grips the shaft of the dildo while the other woman inserts her end.This is easiest to attempt lying on your back at first. When you are ready, you can try double dildos standing, or doggy style.

Of several several post ions to use the with double ended dildo, the easiest is probably with both women lying down, or propped up halfway, and facing each other, with their vaginas close together. This position resembles tribadism, where two lesbian women lie down facing each other, and interlock legs so that their vaginas are touching. At this point they can hold hands to pull each other together and gain traction for more powerful grinding and rubbing motions.

Using a double dildo in this way, 2 lesbian girls can face each other and work the dildo in to the desired depth, as well as making it easy to use and stimulate each other's clitoris, with fingers or a vibrator.

You can also use a double dildo missionary style, in the standing sex position, doggy style and with both women on all fours with their butts facing each other. Experiment and find which position works best, and feels most pleasure able to both women. The hardest part can be lining up the dildo in such a way that both women can move back and forth on it, without a sharp curve or bend limiting the range of motion.

Make sure you have a comfortable position where both women can easily maintain good balance. You don't want to hurt one and other by falling at an awkward angle, with a dildo connecting the two of you!

Double vibrators that connect ...

This set of silicone vibrators can be linked together to form one long double vibrator, an excellent design for lesbian pleasure. Feature packed, the vibrators glow in the dark, and are covered with high quality silicone. Silicone is the most hygienic and scent free vibrator material.

The impulse motors in these vibrators give a high quality sensation to the persons on either end of the sex toy. Capable of 7 different impulse functions, the double silicone vibrator set represents the best in sex toy technology, times 2.

double vibrators

Use them separately, or if you have a female friend you wish to share the pleasure with, lock the 2 vibrators together in the middle, for a high quality double vibrator experience.


Keeping your double ended sex toy clean is easy. Just wash it up with warm water and soap, and rinse well before drying well. There shouldn't be many nooks and crannies for germs to hide in, unless your double dildo has a penis shaped head, in which case you have to be careful to clean under the rim of the head.

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