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Camera for internal vagina pictures - dildocam

Internal vagina pictures can now be taken with your own vaginal dildo camera. Cameras are available that allow couples to view and capture internal vaginal pictures with a small camera lens mounted in a dildo sex toy.

It has 14 feet of cable to connect it to a viewing device, be that a TV, VCR or properly equipped computer. The cables use RCA connections to connect the dildo cam to the inputs.

The camera has a small vibrator attached on a short cord, for stimulating the clitoris while you roll film. The dildo itself doesn't vibrate, as that would have a negative effect on the quality of the pictures being taken, and on the life of the internal components.

Not everyone is into seeing inside the vagina, but for those who find internal vaginal photography interesting, this is one of the first consumer products that makes the capability available to the public. While a functional camera, this isn't going to take the same kind of high quality pictures a doctor could, or some of the other custom devices used by web sites for capturing images inside the vagina.

Though innovative, everything about this dildo is consumer grade. This is designed as a sex toy and not a professional tool for exploring the inside of the vagina. It's not intended for any kind of medical or therapeutic purpose, just couples looking to have a peek inside the vaginal canal.

You should keep in mind that it's not as easy as it sounds to get a good look inside the vagina. You need either natural or synthetic personal lubrication to gain comfortable access, but this same lube can also smear on the lens cover and blur the picture - so some care has to be taken.

Dildo with a camera inside, or dildocam

Photo: the famous "dildo cam".

Previously only gynecologists were able to take the internal photos these dildo cameras allow of the inside of a vagina. This is partly due to the ever shrinking price of miniaturized technology - having a small camera that could be mounted in a dildo would have been too expensive for consumer use up until recently. Now that you can buy inexpensive miniature cameras that fit on key chains, it makes sense that you can come up with a reasonably priced dildo camera for the public.

Now, in theory any amateur couple can acquire a dildo camera and take up vaginal photography. You only need a regular VCR with the common RCA video input jacks or a computer with video in capabilities.

The camera has a light mounted in the tip near the lens, because without a light, the lack of natural light in side a vagina would make it rather difficult for the dildo cam to capture any photographs at all. The camera lens and light are covered by a clear plastic cover that's designed to keep them clean.

You could use internal photographs for personal use, or for a web site where you share your vagina with the world - but you should know a few facts.

The pictures themselves aren't incredibly high resolution, photographer quality images. Also, the camera is only able to capture images in black and white, so keep that in mind as well. Black and white photos might not line up with your expectations if you've seen some of the full color internal photo sites on the internet.

For that reason this is an interesting novelty sex toy, rather than a serious vaginal tool or means of starting your own dildo cam site.

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