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Affordably priced, inexpensive (cheap!) dildos

They aren't the most fancy or full of features, but cheaply priced dildos can still work just fine! If you believe in a philosophy of "less is more", why not get a simple, and nearly unbreakable dildo that doesn't cost more than a couple of pints? The shops are full of dongs under 10 bucks these days.

Inexpensive dildos and vibrators can help you expand your sex toy collection by adding variety, perfect for people who would rather have an array of 5-6 inexpensive dildos or vibes and maybe 1 nice one instead of just 1 or 2 fancy ones with all the latest micro electronic wizardry. By going the cheap route, you can build a collection of dildos varying in size, color, shape and texture - and save the big bucks for a nice rabbit vibrator or two ;)

Because a simple dildo has no moving parts, an affordable one will function just about the same as an expensive one. If you cough up the clams and buy a more expensive model dildo, the difference will likely be that it has better materials, that's not always a given. Better quality materials might be scented, have a more silky texture, or have less rubber smell.

There's many different dildos on the market, mostly just simple phallic shapes made of rubber or jelly. Jelly rubber dildos, as the most common these days, partly owing to the fun translucent colors, and also, the material has a nice soft feel.

Gone are the days where the only dildos you could find were made of sickly looking flesh pink rubber. The other alternative was a slightly preferable solid black rubber. With jelly dildos, you have just about any color you can imagine. Some younger women especially seem to prefer the fun colors, I've heard from women in forums that they aren't as gross or threatening as a "real looking" dildo. Also, a purple jelly dong was featured in the film 'American Wedding', which might have helped!

You can even get a Doc Johnson UR3 dildo fairly cheap these days.

Inexpensive jelly dong

A plain jelly dildo is very versatile in it's ability to go anywhere, and perform reliably without batteries. All you need to do is clean the dildo with each use.

Sometimes people want such a super cheap sex toy and that they try to make a homemade dildo.

This article on tech-tv mentions an ancient homemade dildo made of camel dung, something we don't recommend you try, but it sure would be cheap!

Because these dildos aren't made with high quality, expensive materials like silicone, keep an eye on the sex toy and make sure it doesn't start to break up or fall apart after awhile. Some really cheap, inferior jellies might dry up and crumble, usually this takes many years.

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