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How to choose and use a solid realistic vagina

Modern technology brings us the life-like vagina, a replica of the female genitalia and a great masturbation tool for men. The technology that these sex toys use keeps getting better all the time, with more high tech vibrators and better realistic materials. These are larger sex toys that include a bit of the buttocks and thigh as well as the vaginal area.

Lots of guys will prefer a very detailed, large solid vibrating vagina molded from a woman compared to a more compact masturbator. Life like vaginas can be bought that are anatomically correct on the exterior, with the most popular molded from the genitals of any one of a dozen female porn stars, like Tera Patrick and Jenna Jameson.

At this time (winter 2006) there are at least two dozen larger, realistically detailed vaginas in the stores. You have your choice of shapes, sizes, labia, pubic hair, ethnic skin coloration, materials and more.

Tera Patrick vibrating vagina.

Tera Patrick's pussy sex toy is an amazing piece of work, it just looks good. It's been cast and molded from Tera's vagina, anus and surrounding area.

This kind of vagina is has more volume and mass (it's larger) than a portable pussy, and most of them are made with realistic materials and colors.

Some of the more lifelike materials are futurotic, cyberskin and UR3 which stands for Ultra Realistic v3.0, all of which are used in some dildos too. You won't find these life like sex toys made of jelly or silicone.

Several types and variations ...

There are dozens of this type of vagina sex toy for men. Some vaginas simulate the pussy of an adult film star, have multiple small vibrators, and are molded from their actual body. Missionary and doggy style vagina versions are available (as pictured).

A more basic kind of vagina (usually more compact) is sometimes called a pocket pussy. They can be more affordable than the more detailed and bulky vaginas. Some detailed pussies could also be considered realistic, but the overall size factor is still generally smaller. Like with all sex toys, there can be some overlap between different categories.

Most models of these simulated vaginas with realistic detail include some of the buttocks and the thighs around the genital area, but some are strictly genitals with no extra bulk, like the model shown here.

The folds in the labia of this molded cyberskin sex toy are soft, life-like and comfortable, making it technically realistic, but the Sex Buddy is smaller than many realistic vagina sex toys.

Cyberskin vagina

One nice thing about a men's sex toy molded after real female is that they can feel more compatible with the male penis during intercourse.

A feature that isn't as life like in these simulators, is that many include a vibrating bullet and remote control unit, which can be removed for cleaning. That's a good thing, since it's there to add to the sensations of pleasure during use.

Some sex counselors even use these vagina sex toys to show men techniques for foreplay, as they are anatomically accurate on the outside. The inside passage is usually a generic, fleshy tunnel that stretches around the fingers or penis as the material yields a bit.

Vibrating vagina

A typical realistic vibrating vagina is in a larger size format than a pocket pussy, and usually with more detail. They come with either 1 or 2 components known as vibrating bullets, which are inserted into the sex toy for added sensation and pleasure. These vagina simulators provide men with sex toys that can do a good job of replicating the exterior look and feel of a real vagina. Because this kind of sex toy is molded from a real vagina, they offer a life-size masturbation platform, excellent for getting some practice.

Pictured here is a missionary vagina design molded from actress Jenteal. Details on this pussy are hand-painted on the Futurotic material.

Futurotic is one of several realistic flesh simulating synthetic materials that are commonly used in vagina and anus products, and it helps the vagina to look very real and feel real as well.

You should always use some kind of lubrication when using your vagina. This is better for the life of the sex toy, and it just feels better. Try to look for a water based lubricant for this purpose. Water based sex lubricants are best because they are safe with sex toy materials. Some lubricants are oil or silicone based, and can cause realistic materials to break down.

Avoid vaseline or silicone lubrication on these sex toys. Follow the manufacturers instructions if in doubt.

The vibrating anal and vaginal passages are nicely detailed on the better made models, as you can see from the photographs below.

The molds taken from the female's vagina are cast with very life-like detail, from the petals of the labia, to the pucker lines around the anus.

Vaginas Molded From Famous Women

Those looking for a sex toy molded from the pussy of a famous starlet like Jenna or Tera have the choice to enjoy them in missionary position or doggy style, some girls even have one of each.

The missionary position sex toy has a wonderful tight ass and perfectly detailed model replica of Jenna Jameson's vagina.

Because it's designed to be taken in the missionary position, it's flat on the back. This particular pussy simulator is made with high tech realistic material and has a tuft of pubic hair on top to add to the realism. While some of these missionary position sex toys have an anus, it's often not as easy to reach as on a doggy style toy.


This is a doggy style vagina molded from Ms. Jameson. It's flat on the bottom, and has the legs pointing downward, instead of up like the missionary model. This toy offers good access to vagina and anus.

The soft, realistic UR3 material used to make this vagina bears a close resemblance to real skin. The mold for this sex toy was taken from the body of famous actress Jenna Jameson using a casting made with liquid latex. The mold is then made from this casting, and sex toys are produced, with hand painted details added last.

Both the anus and vagina can be penetrated with a sex toy like this one, and the sensation inside the device is created with 1 or 2 vibrating bullets. Usually these vibrators are controlled with a unit on a cord for easy access to the on/off switch.

The doggy style Jenna sex toy is a popular vaginal simulator for men to use while watching a film featuring Ms. Jameson.

Care and maintenance

You have to keep your sex toy extremely clean. Remove the vibrator components carefully (this is easy on most of these sex toys). Make sure the area you have been penetrating is cleaned properly with warm water and soap. It may take a couple of tries, depending on the design of your vibrating vagina. You have to properly clean any area that might have been exposed to lubrication or ejaculate.

After that, the next step is to make sure the sex toy is dried off properly, so that it's as hostile an environment to bacteria as possible while you store it. You might want to wrap your vagina sex toy in a towel, or look at our storage ideas to keep it clean and out of sight.

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