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Vibrating penis pumps for masturbation

There are two kinds of penis pump. One type is designed to create a vacuum around the penis, which encourages the penis to become enlarged as blood rushes in. It's debatable if this is good for the penis long term, after repeated use. For our purposes here we will stick to the other kind of penis pumps, the vibrating pump used for pleasure.

This type of vibrating penis pump has a cylinder, a suction bulb and soft 'lips' to penetrate in the base. A penis pump like this is an option instead of a pocket pussy or more manual masturbation.

You generally use some lube around the base of the penis and the base of the pumping device itself. This helps to form a seal that allows the suction generated by the pump to remain fairly constant.

Some men find that adding the pump sensation to the vibrating is the ultimate in self pleasure sensation, but caution is required. You don't want to apply to much suction to the penis.

You should also consider avoiding a pump if you have serious medical issues related to circulation or the heart, as the pump interacts with blood vessels. Never leave your pump on too long without releasing the suction, or you could bruise the penis.

Vibrating heavy duty pumps.

These pumps are not to be confused with the penile enlargement type of pump, which creates a vacuum inside the cylinder, in turn causing the penis to become engorged with blood.

These masturbation pump designs are an alternative to the pocket pussies and vaginas that are available. By combining a vibrator feature with a pump, they offer a dual action sensation.

Here's some more on pumps from babeland. Head over to Good Vibes for one of the best guides on how to use a penis pump. You may also check out for the quality reviews of the latest trends in penis pumps industry.

The sexual education Q&A page Ask Alice answers a question on penis pumping, with some sound advice.

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