Penis extensions and prosthetic penis attachments

There are several reasons a man might want to wear an extension on his penis, both recreational, and medical / therapeutic.

Recreationally speaking, the most obvious reason to wear these extensions is to increase length and girth of the penis. For this purpose an extension is cheap, effective and non-invasive, especially when compared to other methods of enlargement, like pumps, surgery and snake oil.

Another fantastic recreational reason is to desensitize the pleasure sensations derived from intercourse - thus preventing some cases of premature ejaculation, and prolonging lovemaking.

This can be quite effective for men who find they have a hard time controlling premature ejaculation. The thick material between the penis and the vagina acts as a barrier to interrupt the sensation of friction. A side benefit is the above mentioned increase in length and/or girth of the penis.

Using an extension in this way, a man can "stay in the game" longer than he might otherwise, and then simply remove the penis extension after the partner has been satisfied, and enjoy sex without it.

Penile extension diagram showing hollow PPA

It's a good idea to use some lubrication inside these sex toys, as it will make them easier to put on and easier to remove.

Any man can buy a penis extension of a certain length to enhance the size of his manhood. Just measure the penis when erect and find the extension that adds the desired length and outer diameter (girth).

Some models are really just like thick condoms, with added length from a solid piece at the end. The condom like skin is unrolled over the penis, leaving the extension at the tip. Other extensions have a thick material, and resemble a hollow dildo. The added material on the sides of the penis shaft can contribute significantly to penile girth, as a 1/4 all the way around adds greatly to the diameter of the penis.

Therapeutic and Medical Applications

The design of strap-on penis extensions allows for a flaccid or erect penis to be inserted in a hollow dildo, while straps around the waist help to hold it in place. This makes these prosthetic extensions a tool with real value for men who find it difficult to achieve any erection.

Strap-on prosthetic cock extension

A strap-on cock extension for men can be an excellent way to facilitate satisfying a partner with some penetration, and makes for an easy way to have an instant 'erection' without surgery or drugs. This can be helpful to men who take other medications, and can't mix pharmaceuticals together.

These extensions are also sometimes called Prosthetic Penis Attachments (PPA for short), and are used as a genuine solution to the problem of male erectile dysfunction for men with medical conditions that affect their ability to have an erection at all.

There are also men who have use for these because they have an extremely small penis even when fully erect, due to a medical condition, accident or birth defect.

While a strap on attachment will be somewhat held in place by the strap, a free hand around the base will help to keep the sex toy firmly in place, for added control, and added comfort for the wearer. This is more important if the penis is flaccid or extremely small. You might want to choose a length with this in mind.

It can take time to get accustomed to a prosthetic penis, and like with anything else, a bit of time and practice might be required to find a technique that works well for the wearer.

The simple fact that you can buy extensions in a variety of lengths, thick nesses and shapes can add another element of fun for a couple. Most penis extensions are reasonably priced, so you might want to have a variety of shapes and sizes ready to go!

Tips: Lightly lubricate the extension inside so that it's comfortable to wear, it shouldn't fit too tight or too loose. After your woman has had her fill, remove the extension and finish up.

Care: A prosthetic penis attachment, or strap on cock extension, needs to be cleaned properly after use just like any other sex toy. Attachments of this kind should be washed inside and out with warm water and soap, then dried well.

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