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How to use masturbator sex toys

Sex toys known as masturbators are probably the simplest devices designed for the pleasure of a man. This particular type of toy can be ribbed on the inside, have little nodules or be completely smooth. The idea is to provide a low friction object in which to insert the penis, to enhance the sensation of masturbation.

Masturbators are tight, compact, and feel great during normal use with a little lube. There's no moving parts to the masturbator, and no batteries, just the manual power of your hand and friction.

It's really up to the user to decide whether they think they would prefer the ribbed, nodule or smooth kind of jelly masturbator. Each provides a unique sensation that's difficult to describe with words.

Ribbed senso sleeve sex toy

This masturbator sleeve is made with deluxe senso jelly material, and ribbed for sensation, that's it. No fluff, no fuss or bulk, just function with lower friction.

You can look, but you wouldn't find a jelly masturbation sex toy that's this simple and deliberate in it's design. This is the most fundamental and basic of the masturbator family, compact and portable, with no vibrating parts. It doesn't waste space or materials trying to look like a vagina (or anything else) in any way. Because there is no motor to break, and no batteries to buy, you can know that your masturbator is always going to work.

When lubricated these masturbators are smooth as silk and ribbed in a way that feels like a real vagina, maybe better.You can control the 'squeeze' factor the manual way through the thin and soft jelly rubber material of the masturbator for added effect.

This is a Senso pocket masturbator with a fun female body shape. These fanciful pussies are exactly what a lot of men are looking for, with a shape that's as fun as it is soft and stretchy, and pocket sized.

Senso cock pleaser masturbator sex toy

With your penis inserted in this masturbator, the experience of pleasure is many times greater than normal masturbation with the hand. You get to insert into something soft and stretchy around the circumference of the penis, yet firm enough that the experience is much nicer than a homemade pussy.

A well sculpted artificial vagina sex toy feels real to the touch, thanks to modern synthetic sex toy material. The flesh-like substance is able to give the sex toy a feeling of realism that utility rubbers can't match.

Oral simulators

With this oral sex simulator you can enjoy a sensation that approximates oral sex, AKA BJ. The sensation created by the sex toy is suction based, instead of using vibration. A small hand pumped bulb is used to pump the sex toy and generate the suction.

Slip the mouth of the oral sex toy over the head of the penis, and use some lubricant or saliva to add to the sensation of a moist mouth as you pump it.

oral sex simulator sex toy

Gripping the oral sex simulator and moving it around, in combination with the pump, leads to a very intense sensation, or you can use the pump motion hands free with the oro.

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