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How to enjoy cock rings: relax, and tighten up!

Men have been using different kinds of cock and penis rings for a long time, both for their own pleasure, and the benefit of their partner. These rings are primarily a way of helping to keep a hard penis erect for a longer period of time. Use of a store bought cock ring can be a great alternative method of erection control, without the side effects of pharmaceuticals, or expensive surgery.

The ring is always worn around the base of the penis, where it can do it's job, while allowing for maximum depth of penetration. The ring around the penis works by slowing down the flow of blood out of the penis compared to the blood coming in, thereby increasing turgor pressure, and making an erection easier to hold.

For some men penis rings can help them control premature ejaculation during sex, or to generally prolong love making.

Leather ring with velcro adjustment.

When wearing a cockring, the penis is not only firmer but a bit less sensitive in general, and therefore a man can better control the timing of his orgasm. Some kinds of ring come with a quick release snap or toggle that can be used to restore normal circulation and sensation to the penis, when the moment is right. It can be a bit uncomfortable to come with a penile ring on, it's not an easy feeling to describe, but uncomfortable should do, so time the removal of the ring with this in mind.

While there are a variety of cock ring designs, most of them can be separated into four categories: stretchy, adjustable, solid rings and vibrating rings.

Stretchy rings rely on the elasticity of a rubber or jelly rubber material to stretch to the right size. While the jelly rubber kind should fit on the penis fairly easily, it might not be tight enough for some men, as the jelly is very squishy, and yielding. Some are made with a firmer jelly, and sold in packs of 3 different sizes, so that one is bound to fit snugly.

A typical rubber cock ring usually looks just like an o-ring seal used for plumbing applications (some men use an o-ring actually). These can be tighter, which some men prefer, but the trick is not to get one that's too tight. Because the rings aren't usually that 'thick', they can be tricky to remove without pinching the penis, as there's not much of the ring to grab hold of. Never force a ring that's tight and hard to put on.

Adjustable rings employ velcro, snap buttons or other means of being able to tighten or loosen the grip on the penis. This makes for a great custom fit that can accommodate any size penis, as well as being adaptable on the fly, as the mood suits. One of the easiest to use designs looks like a bolo tie, and employs a simple length of material that wraps around the base of the penis, with both free ends passing through a sliding bead that's used to cinch the 'bolo' to the desired tightness.

A solid metal ring is generally made of a cold, hard metal, like stainless steel. These rings come in a number of sizes to fit different penises, and are sometimes sold in packages, just in case you don't know which one fits. These metal rings have the potential to be uncomfortable, as once the ring is on, and an erection achieved, they can be almost impossible to get off unless you have lubrication. You have to be extremely careful not to force a ring on to your penis if it feels to small. People have gone to the hospital to have rings (often homemade cock rings) removed.

Intimidating English cock and ball cage made with leather and metal.

Solid metal rings of different kinds are a favorite with the fetish and bondage crowds. They can be found incorporated into fantastical leather cock and ball harness gear, where a series of leather straps, rivets and rings combine to bind, and accentuate the penis and scrotum. The best known of these contraptions is perhaps the intimidating english cage.

Vibrating cock rings take the concept further by adding a vibrating bullet to the ring. The sensations from the bullet can be felt by both partners, and some have special ticklers for the woman's clitoris or anus. Usually the vibrating rings are stretchy jelly or rubber, so that one model can fit as many men as possible. They come in varying degrees of complexity, at different price points.

High tech vibrating cock ring with wired control.

Some vibrating rings are really fancy, with a high tech vibrator and a controller on a wire, the best materials etc. There are lots of high end vibrating penis rings that even have 2 vibrators, one for the anus and the other for the clitoris. Using the controller to command the vibrations is easy thanks to a wire that's usually 3 or 4 feet long, allowing either partner to change the rate of vibration on demand.

The vibrating bullet and remote control are usually removable from the cock ring for washing.

Wireless affordable penis ring with micro vibrator.

More affordable vibrating cockrings use a small vibrating bullet with a small battery, and no wired remote. You just turn on the vibrating mini bullet, and turn it off when you are done. Some people prefer this kind of sex toy, since there are no wires to tangle you up and momentarily spoil the mood. Babeland has a good guide to using a vibrating penis ring.

These days you can even buy a disposable ring with a condom included for $5! You turn the ring on, and from that moment you have 30 minutes (give or take) of vibration to take advantage of, after that, no washing just toss it! This might be a little wasteful, but some people like the convenience.

Penile Ring Use: Ensure you have a ring that's tight, but not too tight. Remove a penile ring if you feel it's cutting off the circulation too much. At the first sign of discomfort, tingling or numbness, you should take the ring off.

Among other tips, Good Vibes cock ring guide reinforces our point that you never force on cock rings that feels too small, ever!

If you have a cock ring that fits properly, you should be able to come with it on, or remove it easily enough while you have an erection.

Washing Your Ring: If it's not the vibrating kind, simply wash your ring in some warm and soapy water, just like washing your hands. Dry the ring off and keep it in a cool, dry place until you use it next time. Rinse it before you use it again, just to be sure it's clean.

If you have a vibrating model, remove the bullet before following the above steps.

The Ask Alice from Columbia U fields a question on how a cock ring works, and babeland has more on how to use a cock ring.

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