Sex toys designed for men

The adult toy market has been exploding with new offerings for male pleasure and sexual fufilment.

There have always been a variety of pocket pussies and cock rings available in shops and the back of magazines, but now there are literally thousands of male sex toys to choose from.

Some of the men's toys are designed for solo masturbation use (like masturbators), while others are made with couples in mind, such as a cock ring or penis extension.

Advances in materials over the past 10 years have raised the bar as far as quality and construction are concerned. While you can still find some outdated throwbacks, the gross looking sex toys found in the back pages of yesterday's smut mags are mostly a thing of the past. Some vagina simulators are made with materials that feal like real skin, a far cry from the uncomfortable love dolls of the past (they have improved as well).

We'll break down the main types of adult male toys into several categories for closer examination. Click on links for a more in-depth look at each product. You can also click here and visit our partners if you wish to stay up to date on the current trends in the industry.

Sex toys known as masturbators are the simplest devices designed for the pleasure of a man. This particular type of sex toy can be ribbed on the inside, have little nodules or be completely smooth. The idea is to provide a low friction object in which to insert the penis, to enhance the sensation of masturbation.

Pocket Pussies
Devices with a somewhat misleading name, pocket pussies are a way to improve the pleasure of masturbation by inexpensively simulating a vagina. With many models on the market, these fake pussies are the most popular sex toys for men, ahead of cock rings and penis pumps by a long shot (pun intended).

Realistic Vaginas
Modern technology brings us the life-like vagina, a replica of the female genitalia and a great masturbation tool for men. The technology that these sex toys use keeps getting better all the time, with more high tech vibrators and better realistic materials. These are larger sex toys that include a bit of the buttocks and thigh as well as the vaginal area.

Penis or Cock Rings
Men have been using different kinds of cock rings for a long time, both for their own pleasure, and the benefit of their partner. These rings are primarily a way of helping to keep a hard penis erect for a longer period of time. Use of a cock ring can be a great alternative method of erection control, without the side effects of pharmaceuticals, or expensive surgery.

Penis Pumps
There are two kinds of penis pump. One type is designed to create a vaccum around the penis, which encourages the penis to become enlarged as blood rushes in. It's debatable if this is good for the penis long term, after repeated use. For our purposes here we will stick to the other kind of penis pumps, the vibrating pump used for pleasure.

Penis Extensions
There are several reasons a man might want to wear an extension on his penis, both recreational, and medical / theraputic. Recreationally speaking, the most obvious reason to wear these extensions is to increase length and girth of the penis. For this purpose an extenion is cheap, effective and non-invasive, especially when compared to other methods of enlargement, like pumps, surgery and snake oil.

Gay Sex Toys
Some sex toys fit into an overlaping category of products enjoyed by gay men. This would include anal sex toys and lubrication, as well as anal sex simulating masturbators.

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