Tutorial Humor and Immature Jokes

With the goal in mind of making people laugh, what better way than to whip up a nice big bowl of ridiculous malarkey and serve it to them cold, on a set of nice china? The seriousness of the presentation of nonsense is half of the fun for me, like making a nice looking entree presentation out of a frisbee, some seaweed, dead fish and syringes you found on the beach.

See how I just went on for a whole paragraph without really saying anything, or making much sense? That's just the kind of person I am - just be glad I'm not paid to write a nationally syndicated column - or am I?

I want my silly jokes and tutorials to get some mileage on the internet, so the pages include snips of code you can use to easily share them in forums, on your own site, or by emailing them to your friends.

Mostly Useless Tips and Bogus Joke Tutorials

  1. Tips for Getting Dog Poo Off Your Shoe

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