Humor and Satire

There's lots of it on TV, in movies and in our lives, but we could always use a bit more. From satire to fart jokes, anything that gets a laugh can't be all that bad right?

It's been awhile since I've had a blog, or any other largely ignored outlet to vent my frustrations and share my take on the world around me - knowing that nobody should give a poop what I think anyway (that works both ways). It's cathartic to occasionally go swinging wildly at celebrities and politicians - gits, twits, knobs, 'tards, sluts and attention whores -all fair game around here.

I missed having the opportunity to hurl my pseudo-grammar all over the place in little acidic globs of pseudo-wit, so I've created this bastion of adult humor and immaturity rolled into one.

Content you can expect to see:

  • Top Ten Lists of Suck-ness - Celebs, politicians, things, places, teams, philosophies, religions - anything that comes to mind, I'm likely to satirize it. If someone or something I lambaste (mmmm, baste) isn't a total waste of skin, I might try to balance out my negativity with a positive, for the well-being of The Universe and all that hokum.Some of these lists don't actually have 10 points in them, maybe never will - I'm nutty like that, like Rik Mayall. I hang posters crooked and stuff.
  • Humorous Tutorials - I've got some good ones! A real laugh-riot I am. You'll be able to benefit from the immensely immature wisdom contained within my micro hamster powered brain, marvel at the contrast, be befuddled by the paradox. Leech my idiotic life tips!

I'm going to start out by grabbing some of that low-hanging fruit (there's a joke there somewhere) and take the urine out of easy pickins' like Paris Hilton and skanks of her ilk.

I'm not a misogynist, they just make it too damn easy with their lame vanity and full of their selfish demeanor. The vain men of hollywood will likely be next on my lists. There's so many celebrities to make fun of, I'll have to try to find some other subjects to poke fun at, like people with kids, stupid little babies, angry teachers etc - but for now I'm making fun of celebrity gits - as I said, low hanging fruit...

Again, with balance in mind, I should make fun of the dim-wits who give them so much attention too, including me!

Ian Coverdale has been contributing humor to the web since the time before people were colonizing Uranus.

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