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Vibrating Razor as Homemade Vibrator

In the never ending arms race that is razor design, we are used to seeing more and more blades being added, and smoother shaving experiences offered. Personally I take pleasure in using the cheapest, dirtiest, dullest blades I can - but that's irrelevant.

A new crop of razors out on the shelves employ a small battery powered vibrator unit that supposedly causes hairs to stand on end, making a closer shave possible.

Like the new vibrating toothbrushes out there, these razors can be bought discreetly and used as a small vibrator that friends, family and baggage screeners won't look twice at. The razors are also compact, waterproof and fairly quiet as a bonus!

These are available for men and women, to be even more discreet, buy the model made for the opposite sex, and the cashier will think it's for your lover/spouse, not a homemade sex toy.

Use: Hey, just use it like any other vibrating sex toy, but remove the blade module. If you are a woman you might want to actually use it as a razor before you use it as a homemade vibrator, why not eh?

With the blades off, try rubbing the razor / vibrator around the clitoris and labia.

Cleaning: Use some soapy warm water to wash off after using, and dry before putting it away. You might put the blades back on, for stealth purposes ;-)

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