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Homemade Electric Toothbrush Vibrator Tips

Yep, it's the homemade vibrator that you can buy almost anywhere, an electric toothbrush. It doesn't matter whether you use a fairly cheap battery powered one, or a more expensive one that has a recharger (and often more power).

This is a discreet way to enjoy vibrating pleasure, as you get to purchase a vibrator without people knowing it's a vibrator. You can also take the electric toothbrush vibrator on vacation, where a normal sex toy might embarrass you at the airport customs line.

Preparation: Make sure that the head on your toothbrush vibrator is clean, use a new module if possible to ensure the best hygiene, you don't want plaque near your private parts.

If you are good with crafts, you can also buy a high quality "artist" grade eraser (the gummy white kind, like a nice Staedtler eraser) and carve it into a softer tip. You need to make a hole in the eraser to insert the shaft of the toothbrush also. Length-wise works best. We recommend this tip is used externally only - you don't want to loose an eraser in your ass, so be warned.

Use: Simply take your vibrating electric toothbrush and turn it on. Rub gently on the clitoris, or slide it up and down between the labia (vagina lips). You can also use the toothbrush anally, this applies to men also.

Some prefer the back of the vibrating head, others find the bristles are nice (as long as they are soft). Try your bristles on the inside skin of your elbow. If it feels rough or uncomfortable, chances are you should just use the non-bristle side or remove the bristles from the head. Experimenting is key.

Cleaning: Use some soap and warm water to clean your toothbrush vibrator. You probably shouldn't use the head that's been used as a sex toy for regular tooth brush activities.

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