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Dr. Scholls Relaxing Vibrator

I should say right off the bat, this isn't a homemade vibrator by any definition, BUT, you can find it easily in larger pharmacies and department stores, just like a toothbrush vibrator or vibrating razor. So because you can buy it discreetly, without being flagged as a pervert, and because it's has fairly decent power we thought the Dr. Scholls body vibrator deserved mention.

This oddly shaped massager is made to stimulate sore feet and aching backs, and the hard plastic shape itself is designed to get deep into those muscle tissues. It's housing is designed to be waterproof, so you can put it behind your back in the tub and work the kinks out of sore muscles using the warmth of the water and the vibration. I must say the thing does work well for it's intended purpose.

Because of the size and shape, this vibrator wouldn't be well suited to internal use, but it would be a powerful and discreet vibrator for external vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

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