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The Hot Towel Pussy

This is perhaps one of the most simple homemade sex toys a man can put together. It uses the familiar concept popular with sex toys for men, heat and slippery friction.

Like many homemade devices a man can enjoy for pleasure, this possibly has it's origins in prison, but it could easily be something one comes up with by using their imagination.

Preparation and Materials: You only need a small hand-towel, a bar of soap, and a source of warm water.

Use: Take the bar of soap and moisten enough to generate a thick lather. Coat one edge of the towel with the lather, make sure you cover an area big enough to encompass the lenght and girth of the penis with soap. You may also apply lather to the penis.

Wrap the towel firmly around the penis, start by wrapping the soapy area in direct contact with the penis.

Now pour warm water (how warm? use your own judgment) over the towel. You should feel the warmth of this homemade pussy heating up your cock. This is the time to start pumping the towel with your hand, thrusting into it. If the towel cools off before you finish, simply apply more water.

Alternate: You can also use vaseline or other personal lubricants in lieu of soap. Some men complain that using soap in the homemade device can get in the urethra and sting. Just make sure it's a towel that won't be missed if you do plan on using lubricants other than soap.

See also the Jailhouse Pocket Pussy - which takes this same concept a little further.

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