Jailhouse Homemade Pocket Pussy

For ease of preparation, simplicity and overall sensation, this is one of the best homemade sex toys for men to make.

You can make this fake pussy using a number of readily available materials that you probably have in your home as we speak, or that you can buy cheaply with no salesperson or cashier being the wiser.

Preparation and Materials: You only need a latex glove, or similar plastic or rubber glove. A surgical latex glove is perfect, but a rubber dishwashing glove works too. Failing that you can use a plastic bag or ziploc style bag, or some plastic wrap. For lubrication you can use any slippery product available, from soap or vaseline, to hair gel or butter. The addition of a small towel for softness and warmth (see homemade hot towel pussy) makes this sex toy even better.

Use: Place a generous amount of your chosen lubricant inside the glove, then place your penis inside the glove. Start pumping and thrusting at the glove if you wish, squeezing with your hand. If you like, wrap your glove covered penis with the hand towel, then pour warm water over it to add another dimension to your homemade pussy.

After you are done using your homemade pussy sex toy, simply discard of the glove (which should have caught and contained your ejaculate). Gloves come in pairs, so you should have another pussy ready for next time.

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