Video Game Controller Vibrators

Video games aren't just for kids anymore. Studies have shown that more and more men and women in their 20s and 30s have a video game system and play often.

Since the late 90s the Sony Playstation, and Playstation 2 have had controllers with a vibrating feature provided by small vibrator motors inside the unit. More recently Xbox has offered the same.

The newer controllers have 2 motors that can operate at difference frequencies of vibration simultaneously. For example, one motor can be vibrating with a Thump - Thump while the other goes "bzzzzz". This makes them more than tempting for use as a homemade sex toy with a brain.

Vibration is often caused by in-game factors, and of course the type of vibration will vary depending on the game title, and what's taking place in the game. If you already own a game console with vibrating controllers, you should experiment to find a way to make the controller vibrate in a pattern you enjoy.

For example, some racing games make the controller vibrate when you hold down the accelerator or "gas" button. This makes for a nice, smooth consistent buzz that can be amplified by revving the engine. Other games vibrate when you contact certain objects, like a wall - so you can just press your video game character into a wall to make the desired hum from your wired sex toy.

Others take this brand of homemade sex toy into the realm of cyberdildonics. With the advent of online gaming for consoles like the Playstation 2 and Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360, you can meet up with friends or strangers online and have a game. You can also use this medium to allow the person on the other end to affect what causes your controller to vibrate. With the Xbox and Xbox 360, you can even talk to your remote lover. The 360 has a wireless controller with powerful vibrations, possibly making it the ultimate for this purpose.

Use: Use a clean damp cloth to wipe the point of the controller you will use to contact the vagina or penis. If possible you might try putting the controller in a clean plastic bag, to act as a moisture barrier. Most controllers have a rounded protrusion that makes a nice pressure point, try rubbing this part against the genitals, or simply hold it still there and begin vibrating as you see fit.

If you are female and expect lots of wetness/moisture, you might want to cover the controller with a clean plastic bag, as mentioned above. These are not really sex toys, and you should avoid getting moisture inside them at all cost.

Care: Be very careful washing your controller. These are sensitive electronic items that should never be submerged in water EVER. Take a clean damp rag or towel and gently wipe any surface that has been in contact with your body.

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